Shaping by bending, folding, twisting, straightening or flattening Apparatus therefor


  • CPC
  • B29C53/00
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Sub Industries

B29C53/005characterised by the choice of material B29C53/02Bending or folding B29C53/025using a folding bag B29C53/04of plates or sheets B29C53/043using rolls or endless belts B29C53/046using centrifugal force B29C53/06Forming folding lines by pressing or scoring B29C53/063combined with folding B29C53/066and joining the sides of the folding line B29C53/08of tubes or other profiled members B29C53/083bending longitudinally B29C53/086bending radially B29C53/10of blown tubular films B29C53/12helically B29C53/14Twisting B29C53/16Straightening or flattening B29C53/18of plates or sheets B29C53/20of tubes B29C53/22Corrugating B29C53/24of plates or sheets B29C53/26parallel with direction of feed B29C53/265using rolls or endless bands B29C53/28transverse to direction of feed B29C53/285using rolls or endless bands B29C53/30of tubes B29C53/305using a cording process B29C53/32Coiling B29C53/34Rim rolling B29C53/36Bending and joining B29C53/38by bending sheets or strips at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the article being formed and joining the edges B29C53/382using laminated sheets B29C53/385using several sheets to form the circumference B29C53/387the joining being done from the inside B29C53/40for articles of definite length B29C53/42using internal forming surfaces B29C53/44rotatable about the axis of the article B29C53/46using external forming surfaces B29C53/48for articles of indefinite length B29C53/50using internal forming surfaces B29C53/52using external forming surfaces B29C53/54Guiding, aligning or shaping edges B29C53/56Winding and joining B29C53/562spirally B29C53/564for making non-tubular articles B29C53/566for making tubular articles followed by compression B29C53/568without using a forming surface B29C53/58helically B29C53/581using sheets or strips consisting principally of plastics material B29C53/582comprising reinforcements B29C53/583for making tubular articles with particular features B29C53/584having a non-circular cross-section B29C53/585the cross-section varying along their axis B29C53/586having corrugations B29C53/587having a non-uniform wall-structure B29C53/588having a non-linear axis B29C53/60using internal forming surfaces B29C53/602for tubular articles having closed or nearly closed ends B29C53/605by polar winding B29C53/607having driving means for advancing the wound articles B29C53/62rotatable about the winding axis B29C53/64and moving axially B29C53/66with axially movable winding feed member B29C53/665Coordinating the movements of the winding feed member and the mandrel B29C53/68with rotatable winding feed member B29C53/70and moving axially B29C53/72using external forming surfaces B29C53/74using a forming surface inthe shape of an endless belt which is recycled after the forming operation B29C53/76about more than one axis B29C53/78using profiled sheets or strips B29C53/785with reinforcements B29C53/80Component parts, details or accessories Auxiliary operations B29C53/8008specially adapted for winding and joining B29C53/8016Storing, feeding or applying winding materials B29C53/8041Measuring, controlling or regulating B29C53/805Applying axial reinforcements B29C53/8058continuously B29C53/8066Impregnating B29C53/8075on the forming surfaces B29C53/8083Improving bonding of wound materials or layers B29C53/8091Cutting the ends, surface finishing B29C53/82Cores or mandrels B29C53/821Mandrels especially adapted for winding and joining B29C53/822Single use mandrels B29C53/824collapsible B29C53/825for continuous winding B29C53/827formed by several elements rotating about their own axes B29C53/828Arrangements comprising a plurality of cores or mandrels B29C53/84Heating or cooling B29C53/845especially adapted for winding and joining