Surgical instruments, devices or methods for transferring non-mechanical forms of energy to or from the body


  • CPC
  • A61B18/00
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Sub Industries

A61B18/02by cooling A61B18/0206ultrasonic A61B18/0218with open-end cryogenic probe A61B18/04by heating A61B18/042using additional gas becoming plasma A61B18/06caused by chemical reaction A61B18/08by means of electrically-heated probes A61B18/082Probes or electrodes therefor A61B18/085Forceps, scissors A61B18/10Power sources therefor A61B18/12by passing a current through the tissue to be heated A61B18/1206Generators therefor A61B18/1233with circuits for assuring patient safety A61B18/14Probes or electrodes therefor A61B18/1402Probes for open surgery A61B18/1442Probes having pivoting end effectors A61B18/1445at the distal end of a shaft A61B18/1447wherein sliding surfaces cause opening/closing of the end effectors A61B18/1477Needle-like probes A61B18/148having a short, rigid shaft for accessing the inner body transcutaneously A61B18/1482having a long rigid shaft for accessing the inner body transcutaneously in minimal invasive surgery A61B18/1485having a short rigid shaft for accessing the inner body through natural openings A61B18/1487Trocar-like A61B18/149bow shaped or with rotatable body at cantilever end A61B18/1492having a flexible, catheter-like structure A61B18/16Indifferent or passive electrodes for grounding A61B18/18by applying electromagnetic radiation A61B18/1815using microwaves A61B18/20using laser A61B18/201the beam being delivered through a hollow tube A61B18/203applying laser energy to the outside of the body A61B18/22the beam being directed along or through a flexible conduit A61B18/24with a catheter A61B18/245for removing obstructions in blood vessels or calculi A61B18/26for producing a shock wave A61B18/28for heating a thermal probe or absorber