Switches operated by an operating part which is rotatable about a longitudinal axis thereof and which is acted upon directly by a solid external to the switch


  • CPC
  • H01H19/00
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Sub Industries

H01H19/001Thumb wheel switches H01H19/003having a pushbutton actuator H01H19/005Electromechanical pulse generators H01H19/02Details H01H19/025Light-emitting indicators H01H19/03Means for limiting the angle of rotation of the operating part H01H19/04Cases Covers H01H19/06Dustproof, splashproof, drip-proof, waterproof, or flameproof casings H01H19/065Casings hermetically closed by a diaphragm through which passes an actuating member H01H19/08Bases Stationary contacts mounted thereon H01H19/10Movable parts Contacts mounted thereon H01H19/11With indexing means H01H19/115using molded elastic parts only H01H19/12Contact arrangements for providing make-before-break operation H01H19/14Operating parts H01H19/16adapted for operation by a part of the human body other than the hand H01H19/18adapted for actuation at a limit or other predetermined position in the path of a body, the relative movement of switch and body being primarily for a purpose other than the actuation of the switch H01H19/183adapted for operation by the simultaneous action of two cam plates, rotating at different speeds H01H19/186with travelling nuts H01H19/20Driving mechanisms allowing angular displacement of the operating part to be effective in either direction H01H19/22incorporating lost motion H01H19/24acting with snap action H01H19/26with means for introducing a predetermined time delay H01H19/28Driving mechanisms allowing angular displacement of the operating part to be effective or possible in only one direction H01H19/30incorporating lost motion H01H19/32acting with snap action H01H19/34with means for introducing a predetermined time delay H01H19/36the operating part having only two operative positions H01H19/38Change-over switches H01H19/40having only axial contact pressure H01H19/42providing more than two electrically different conditions H01H19/44having only axial contact pressure H01H19/46the operating part having three operative positions H01H19/48having only axial contact pressure H01H19/50the operating part having four operative positions H01H19/52having only axial contact pressure H01H19/54the operating part having at least five or an unspecified number of operative positions H01H19/56Angularly-movable actuating part carrying contacts H01H19/563with an initial separation movement perpendicular to the switching movement H01H19/566in which the contact making surfaces are inclined H01H19/58having only axial contact pressure H01H19/585provided with printed circuit contacts H01H19/60Angularly-movable actuating part carrying no contacts H01H19/605in which the actuation of the contacts depends on the direction of rotation H01H19/62Contacts actuated by radial cams H01H19/623Adjustable cams H01H19/626actuating bridging contacts H01H19/63Contacts actuated by axial cams H01H19/635Contacts actuated by rectilinearly-movable member linked to operating part H01H19/6355using axial cam devices for transforming the angular movement into linear movement along the axis of rotation H01H19/64Encased switches adapted for ganged operation when assembled in a line with identical switches