Transmitting braking action from initiating means to ultimate brake actuator without power assistance or drive or where such assistance or drive is irrelevant


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  • B60T11/00
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Sub Industries

B60T11/04transmitting mechanically B60T11/043in case of steerable wheels B60T11/046Using cables B60T11/06Equalising arrangements B60T11/08providing variable leverage B60T11/10transmitting by fluid means B60T11/101equalising arrangements B60T11/102in combination with mechanical elements B60T11/103in combination with other control devices B60T11/105with brake locking after actuation, release of the brake by a different control device B60T11/106locking and release of the brake by the clutch B60T11/107overrun brakes with fluid means B60T11/108to a trailer fluid system B60T11/12the transmitted force being varied therein B60T11/14the transmitted force being substantially unchanged B60T11/16Master control B60T11/165Single master cylinders for pressurised systems B60T11/18Connection thereof to initiating means B60T11/20Tandem, side-by-side, or other multiple master cylinder units B60T11/203Side-by-side configuration B60T11/206with control by a force distributing lever B60T11/21with two pedals operating on respective circuits, pressures therein being equalised when both pedals are operated together B60T11/22characterised by being integral with reservoir B60T11/224with pressure-varying means B60T11/228Pressure-maintaining arrangements B60T11/232Recuperation valves B60T11/236Piston sealing arrangements B60T11/24Single initiating means operating on more than one circuit B60T11/26Reservoirs B60T11/28Valves specially adapted therefor B60T11/30Bleed valves for hydraulic brake systems B60T11/32Automatic cut-off valves for defective pipes B60T11/323in hydraulic systems B60T11/326in pneumatic systems B60T11/34Pressure reducing or limiting valves