Treatment of water, waste water, or sewage


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  • C02F1/00
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Sub Industries

C02F1/001Processes for the treatment of water whereby the filtration technique is of importance C02F1/002using small portable filters for producing potable water C02F1/003using household-type filters for producing potable water C02F1/004using large scale industrial sized filters C02F1/005Systems or processes based on supernatural or anthroposophic principles, cosmic or terrestrial radiation, geomancy or rhabdomancy C02F1/006Water distributors either inside a treatment tank or directing the water to several treatment tanks; Water treatment plants incorporating these distributors, with or without chemical or biological tanks C02F1/008Control or steering systems not provided for elsewhere in subclass C02F C02F1/02by heating C02F1/025Thermal hydrolysis C02F1/04by distillation or evaporation C02F1/041by means of vapour compression C02F1/042Prevention of deposits C02F1/043Details C02F1/045for obtaining ultra-pure water C02F1/046under vacuum produced by a barometric column C02F1/047using eolic energy C02F1/048Purification of waste water by evaporation C02F1/06Flash evaporation C02F1/08Thin film evaporation C02F1/10by direct contact with a particulate solid or with a fluid, as a heat transfer medium C02F1/12Spray evaporation C02F1/14using solar energy C02F1/16using waste heat from other processes C02F1/18Transportable devices to obtain potable water C02F1/20by degassing C02F1/22by freezing C02F1/24by flotation C02F1/26by extraction C02F1/265Desalination C02F1/28by sorption C02F1/281using inorganic sorbents C02F1/283using coal, charred products, or inorganic mixtures containing them C02F1/285using synthetic organic sorbents C02F1/286using natural organic sorbents or derivatives thereof C02F1/288using composite sorbents C02F1/30by irradiation C02F1/302with microwaves C02F1/305with electrons C02F1/307with X-rays or gamma radiation C02F1/32with ultra-violet light C02F1/325Irradiation devices or lamp constructions C02F1/34with mechanical oscillations C02F1/36ultrasonic vibrations C02F1/38by centrifugal separation C02F1/385by centrifuging suspensions C02F1/40Devices for separating or removing fatty or oily substances or similar floating material C02F1/42by ion-exchange C02F1/44by dialysis, osmosis or reverse osmosis C02F1/441by reverse osmosis C02F1/442by nanofiltration C02F1/444by ultrafiltration or microfiltration C02F1/445by forward osmosis C02F1/447by membrane distillation C02F1/448by pervaporation C02F1/46by electrochemical methods C02F1/4602for prevention or elimination of deposits C02F1/4604for desalination of seawater or brackish water C02F1/4606for producing oligodynamic substances to desinfect the water C02F1/4608using electrical discharges C02F1/461by electrolysis C02F1/46104Devices therefor; Their operating or servicing C02F1/46109Electrodes C02F1/46114Electrodes in particulate form or with conductive and/or non conductive particules between them C02F1/46176Galvanic cells C02F1/4618for producing "ionised" acidic or basic water C02F1/463by electrocoagulation C02F1/465by electroflotation C02F1/467by electrochemical desinfection; by electrooxydation or by electroreduction C02F1/4672by electrooxydation C02F1/4674with halogen or compound of halogens C02F1/4676by electroreduction C02F1/4678of metals C02F1/469by electrochemical separation C02F1/4691Capacitive deionisation C02F1/4693electrodialysis C02F1/4695electrodeionisation C02F1/4696electrophoresis C02F1/4698electro-osmosis C02F1/48with magnetic or electric fields C02F1/481using permanent magnets C02F1/482located on the outer wall of the treatment device, i.e. not in contact with the liquid to be treated C02F1/484using electromagnets C02F1/485located on the outer wall of the treatment device, i.e. not in contact with the liquid to be treated C02F1/487using high frequency electromagnetic fields C02F1/488for separation of magnetic materials C02F1/50by addition or application of a germicide or by oligodynamic treatment C02F1/505by oligodynamic treatment C02F1/52by flocculation or precipitation of suspended impurities C02F1/5209Regulation methods for flocculation or precipitation C02F1/5227Processes for facilitating the dissolution of solid flocculants in water C02F1/5236using inorganic agents C02F1/5245using basic salts C02F1/5254using magnesium compounds and phosphoric acid for removing ammonia C02F1/5263using natural chemical compounds C02F1/5272using specific organic precipitants C02F1/5281Installations for water purification using chemical agents C02F1/529Processes or devices for preparing lime water C02F1/54using organic material C02F1/542Phosphorus compounds C02F1/545Silicon compounds C02F1/547Tensides C02F1/56Macromolecular compounds C02F1/58by removing specified dissolved compounds C02F1/583by removing fluoride or fluorine compounds C02F1/586by removing ammoniacal nitrogen C02F1/60Silicon compounds C02F1/62Heavy metal compounds C02F1/64of iron or manganese C02F1/645Devices for iron precipitation and treatment by air C02F1/66by neutralisation pH adjustment C02F1/68by addition of specified substances C02F1/681by addition of solid materials for removing an oily layer on water C02F1/682by addition of chemical compounds for dispersing an oily layer on water C02F1/683by addition of complex-forming compounds C02F1/685Devices for dosing the additives C02F1/686Devices for dosing liquid additives C02F1/687Devices for dosing solid compounds C02F1/688Devices in which the water progressively dissolves a solid compound C02F1/70by reduction C02F1/705Reduction by metals C02F1/72by oxidation C02F1/722Oxidation by peroxides C02F1/725by catalytic oxidation C02F1/727using pure oxygen or oxygen rich gas C02F1/74with air C02F1/76with halogens or compounds of halogens C02F1/763Devices for the addition of such compounds in gaseous form C02F1/766by means of halogens other than chlorine or of halogenated compounds containing halogen other than chlorine C02F1/78with ozone