Tumbler or rocker switches


  • CPC
  • H01H23/00
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Sub Industries

H01H23/003with more than one electrically distinguishable condition in one or both positions H01H23/006adapted for connection with printed circuit boards H01H23/02Details H01H23/025Light-emitting indicators H01H23/04Cases Covers H01H23/06Dustproof, splashproof, drip-proof, waterproof, or flame-proof casings H01H23/065Casings hermetically closed by a diaphragm through which passes an actuating member H01H23/08Bases Stationary contacts mounted thereon H01H23/10Adaptation for built-in fuse H01H23/105Fuses mounted on, or constituting the movable part of, the switch H01H23/12Movable parts Contacts mounted thereon H01H23/14Tumblers H01H23/141provided with extensions H01H23/143having a generally flat elongated shape H01H23/145the actuating surface having two slightly inclined areas extending from the middle outward H01H23/146having a generally tubular or conical elongated shape H01H23/148actuated by superimposed sliding element H01H23/16Driving mechanisms H01H23/162incorporating links interconnecting tumbler and contact arm H01H23/164with rectilinearly movable member carrying the contacts H01H23/166with positive action H01H23/168using cams H01H23/18incorporating lost motion H01H23/20having snap action H01H23/205using a compression spring between tumbler and an articulated contact plate H01H23/22with means for introducing a predetermined time delay H01H23/24with two operating positions H01H23/26one of which positions is unstable H01H23/28with three operating positions H01H23/30with stable centre positions and one or both end positions unstable