Wheel guards Radiator guards


  • CPC
  • B60R19/00
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Sub Industries

B60R19/02Bumpers B60R19/023Details B60R19/03characterised by material B60R19/04formed from more than one section in a side-by-side arrangement B60R19/12vertically spaced B60R19/14having folding parts B60R19/16having deflecting members B60R19/18characterised by the cross-section; Means within the bumper to absorb impact B60R19/20containing mainly gas or liquid B60R19/205inflatable in the direction of an obstacle upon impending impact B60R19/22containing mainly cellular material B60R19/24Arrangements for mounting bumpers on vehicles B60R19/26comprising yieldable mounting means B60R19/28Metallic springs B60R19/285comprising only leaf springs B60R19/30Elastomeric material B60R19/32Fluid shock absorbers B60R19/34destroyed upon impact B60R19/36Combinations of yieldable mounting means of different types B60R19/38adjustably or movably mounted B60R19/40in the direction of an obstacle before a collision, or extending during driving of the vehicle B60R19/42extending primarily along the sides of, or completely encircling, a vehicle B60R19/44Bumper guards B60R19/445Guard strips B60R19/46spring- or pivotally-mounted B60R19/48combined with, or convertible into, other devices or objects B60R19/483with obstacle sensors of electric or electronic type B60R19/50with lights or registration plates B60R19/52Radiator or grille guards ; Radiator grilles B60R19/54Obstruction removers or deflectors B60R19/545Devices for cutting wire-type obstructions B60R19/56Fittings damping bouncing force in truck collisions B60R19/565on vehicle sides