• CPC
  • B60R

Sub Industries

B60R1/00Optical viewing arrangements B60R11/00Arrangements for holding or mounting articles, not otherwise provided for B60R13/00Elements for body-finishing, identifying, or decorating Arrangements or adaptations for advertising purposes B60R15/00Arrangements or adaptations of sanitation devices B60R16/00Electric or fluid circuits specially adapted for vehicles and not otherwise provided for Arrangement of elements of electric or fluid circuits specially adapted for vehicles and not otherwise provided for B60R17/00Arrangements or adaptations of lubricating systems or devices B60R19/00Wheel guards Radiator guards B60R21/00Arrangements or fittings on vehicles for protecting or preventing injuries to occupants or pedestrians in case of accidents or other traffic risks B60R22/00Safety belts or body harnesses in vehicles B60R2225/00Means indicating the functioning state of the alarm system B60R2300/00Details of viewing arrangements using cameras and displays, specially adapted for use in a vehicle B60R2325/00Indexing scheme relating to vehicle anti-theft devices B60R25/00Fittings or systems for preventing or indicating unauthorised use or theft of vehicles B60R3/00Arrangements of steps or ladders facilitating access to or on the vehicle B60R5/00Compartments within vehicle body primarily intended or sufficiently spacious for trunks, suit-cases, or the like B60R7/00Stowing or holding appliances inside vehicle primarily intended for personal property smaller than suit-cases B60R9/00Supplementary fittings on vehicle exterior for carrying loads B60R99/00Subject matter not provided for in other groups of this subclass