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  • A63B

Sub Industries

A63B1/00Horizontal bars A63B15/00Clubs for gymnastics or the like A63B17/00Exercising apparatus combining several parts such as ladders, rods, beams, slides A63B19/00Hoop exercising apparatus A63B21/00Exercising apparatus for developing or strengthening the muscles or joints of the body by working against a counterforce, with or without measuring devices A63B2102/00Application of clubs, bats, rackets or the like to the sporting activity ; particular sports involving the use of balls and clubs, bats, rackets, or the like A63B22/00Exercising apparatus specially adapted for conditioning the cardio-vascular system, for training agility or co-ordination of movements A63B2207/00Exercising or sporting devices provided with means enabling use in the dark A63B2208/00Characteristics or parameters related to the user or player A63B2209/00Characteristics of used materials A63B2210/00Space saving A63B2213/00Exercising combined with therapy A63B2220/00Measuring of physical parameters relating to sporting activity A63B2225/00Other characteristics of sports equipment A63B2230/00Measuring physiological parameters of the user A63B2243/00Specific ball sports not provided for in A63B2102/00 - A63B2102/38 A63B2244/00Sports without balls A63B23/00Exercising apparatus specially adapted for particular parts of the body A63B24/00Electric or electronic controls for exercising apparatus of preceding groups; Controlling or monitoring of exercises, sportive games, training or athletic performances A63B25/00Stilts or the like A63B26/00Exercising apparatus not covered by groups A63B1/00 - A63B25/00 A63B27/00Apparatus for climbing poles, trees, or the like A63B29/00Apparatus for mountaineering A63B3/00Parallel bars or similar apparatus A63B31/00Swimming aids A63B33/00Swimming equipment attachable to the head A63B35/00Swimming framework A63B37/00Solid balls; Rigid hollow balls Marbles A63B39/00Hollow non-inflatable balls A63B4/00Balance beams A63B41/00Hollow inflatable balls A63B43/00Balls with special arrangements A63B45/00Apparatus or methods for manufacturing balls A63B47/00Devices for handling or treating balls A63B49/00Stringed rackets A63B5/00Apparatus for jumping A63B51/00Stringing tennis, badminton or like rackets Strings therefore Maintenance of racket strings A63B53/00Golf clubs A63B55/00Bags for golf clubs Stands for golf clubs for use on the course Wheeled carriers specially adapted for golf bags A63B57/00Golfing accessories A63B59/00Bats, rackets or the like, not covered by groups A63B49/00 - A63B57/00 A63B6/00Mats or the like for absorbing shocks for jumping, gymnastics or the like A63B60/00Details or accessories of golf clubs, bats, rackets or the like A63B61/00Tennis nets or accessories for tennis or like games A63B63/00Targets or goals for ball games A63B65/00Implements for throwing; Mechanical projectors A63B67/00Sporting games or accessories therefor, not provided for in groups A63B1/00 - A63B65/00 A63B69/00Training appliances or apparatus for special sports A63B7/00Freely-suspended gymnastic apparatus A63B71/00Games or sports accessories not covered in groups A63B1/00 - A63B69/00 A63B9/00Climbing poles, frames, or stages