Apparatus or processes specially adapted for manufacturing, assembling, maintaining, or repairing of line connectors or current connectors or for joining electric conductors


  • CPC
  • H01R43/00
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Sub Industries

H01R43/002Maintenance of line connectors H01R43/005for making dustproof, splashproof, drip-proof, waterproof, or flameproof connection, coupling, or casing H01R43/007for elastomeric connecting elements H01R43/01for connecting unstripped conductors to contact members having insulation cutting edges H01R43/015Handtools H01R43/02for soldered or welded connections H01R43/0207Ultrasonic-, H.F.-, cold- or impact welding H01R43/0214Resistance welding H01R43/0221Laser welding H01R43/0228without preliminary removing of insulation before soldering or welding H01R43/0235for applying solder H01R43/0242comprising means for controlling the temperature H01R43/0249for simultaneous welding or soldering of a plurality of wires to contact elements H01R43/0256for soldering or welding connectors to a printed circuit board H01R43/0263for positioning or holding parts during soldering or welding process H01R43/027for connecting conductors by clips H01R43/0275by using explosive force H01R43/033for wrapping or unwrapping wire connections H01R43/0335for unwraping H01R43/04for forming connections by deformation H01R43/042Hand tools for crimping H01R43/0421combined with other functions H01R43/0422operated by an explosive force H01R43/0424with more than two radially actuated mandrels H01R43/0425with mandrels actuated in axial direction to the wire H01R43/0427fluid actuated hand crimping tools H01R43/0428Power-driven hand crimping tools H01R43/045with contact member feeding mechanism H01R43/048Crimping apparatus or processes H01R43/0482combined with contact member manufacturing mechanism H01R43/0484for eyelet contact members H01R43/0486with force measuring means H01R43/0488with crimp height adjusting means H01R43/05with wire-insulation stripping H01R43/052with wire-feeding mechanism H01R43/055with contact member feeding mechanism H01R43/058Crimping mandrels H01R43/0585for crimping apparatus with more than two radially actuated mandrels H01R43/06Manufacture of commutators H01R43/08in which segments are not separated until after assembly H01R43/10Manufacture of slip-rings H01R43/12Manufacture of brushes H01R43/14Maintenance of current collectors H01R43/16for manufacturing contact members H01R43/18for manufacturing bases or cases for contact members H01R43/20for assembling or disassembling contact members with insulating base, case or sleeve H01R43/205with a panel or printed circuit board H01R43/22Hand tools H01R43/24Assembling by moulding on contact members H01R43/26for engaging or disengaging the two parts of a coupling device H01R43/28for wire processing before connecting to contact members