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Sub Industries

H01R11/00Connectors providing two or more spaced connecting locations for conductive members which are thereby interconnected End pieces for wires or cables, supported by the wire or cable and for facilitating electrical connection to some other wire, terminal, or conductive member H01R12/00Structural associations of a plurality of mutually-insulated electrical connecting elements, specially adapted for printed circuits H01R13/00Details of coupling devices of the kinds covered by groups H01R12/70 or H01R24/00-H01R33/00 H01R2101/00One pole H01R2103/00Two poles H01R2105/00Three poles H01R2107/00Four or more poles H01R2201/00Connectors or connections adapted for particular applications H01R23/00Two-part coupling devices having four or more poles, with or without additional protective earth connection Separate parts thereof H01R24/00Two-part coupling devices, or either of their cooperating parts, characterised by their overall structure H01R25/00Coupling parts adapted for simultaneous co-operation with two or more identical counterparts H01R27/00Coupling parts adapted for co-operation with two or more dissimilar counterparts H01R29/00Coupling parts for selective co-operation with a counterpart in different ways to establish different circuits H01R3/00Electrically-conductive connections not otherwise provided for H01R31/00Coupling parts supported only by co-operation with counterpart H01R33/00Coupling devices in which a holder is adapted for supporting apparatus to which its counterpart is attached Separate parts thereof H01R35/00Flexible or turnable line connectors H01R39/00Rotary current collectors, distributors, or interrupters H01R4/00Electrically-conductive connections between two or more conductive members in direct contact and means for effecting or maintaining such contact H01R41/00Non-rotary current collectors for maintaining contact between moving and stationary parts of an electric circuit H01R43/00Apparatus or processes specially adapted for manufacturing, assembling, maintaining, or repairing of line connectors or current connectors or for joining electric conductors H01R9/00Connectors and connecting arrangements providing a plurality of mutually insulated connections Terminals or binding posts mounted upon a base or in a case Terminal strips Terminal blocks