Arrangement of electric circuit elements in or on lighting devices


  • CPC
  • F21V23/00
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Sub Industries

F21V23/001the elements being electrical wires or cables F21V23/002Arrangements of cables or conductors inside a lighting device F21V23/003the elements being electronics drivers or controllers for operating the light source F21V23/004arranged on a substrate F21V23/005the substrate is supporting also the light source F21V23/006the substrate being distinct from the light source holder F21V23/007enclosed in a casing F21V23/008the casing being outside the housing of the lighting device F21V23/009the casing being inside the housing of the lighting device F21V23/02the elements being transformers, impedances or power supply units F21V23/023Power supplies in a casing F21V23/026Fastening of transformers or ballasts F21V23/04the elements being switches F21V23/0407for flashing F21V23/0414specially adapted to be used with portable lighting devices F21V23/0421the switch being part of, or disposed on the tail cap portion thereof F21V23/0428the switch being part of, or disposed on the lamp head portion thereof F21V23/0435activated by remote control means F21V23/0442activated by means of a sensor F21V23/045the sensor receiving a signal from a remote controller F21V23/0457the sensor sensing the operating status of the lighting device F21V23/0464the sensor sensing the level of ambient illumination F21V23/0471the sensor detecting the proximity, the presence or the movement of an object or a person F21V23/0478by means of an image recording device F21V23/0485the sensor sensing the physical interaction between a user and certain areas located on the lighting device F21V23/0492the sensor detecting a change in orientation, a movement or an acceleration of the lighting device F21V23/06the elements being coupling devices