• CPC
  • F21V

Sub Industries

F21V1/00Shades for light sources F21V11/00Screens not covered by groups F21V1/00, F21V3/00, F21V7/00 or F21V9/00 F21V13/00Producing particular characteristics or distribution of the light emitted by means of a combination of elements specified in two or more of main groups F21V1/00F21V11/00 F21V14/00Changing the characteristics or distribution of the light emitted by adjustment of parts or by interposition of elements with electrically controlled variable light transmissivity F21V15/00Protecting lighting devices from damage F21V17/00Fastening of component parts of lighting devices F21V19/00Fastening of light sources or lamp holders F21V21/00Supporting, suspending, or attaching arrangements for lighting devices Hand grips F21V2200/00Use of light guides F21V23/00Arrangement of electric circuit elements in or on lighting devices F21V25/00Safety devices structurally associated with lighting devices F21V27/00Cable-stowing arrangements structurally associated with lighting devices F21V29/00Protecting lighting devices from thermal damage Cooling or heating arrangements specially adapted for lighting devices or systems F21V3/00Globes Bowls Cover glasses F21V31/00Gas-tight or water-tight arrangements F21V33/00Structural combinations of lighting devices with other articles, not otherwise provided for F21V35/00Candle holders F21V36/00Arrangements of mantles or other incandescent bodies on burners F21V37/00Details of lighting devices employing combustion as light source, not otherwise provided for Night lamps Votive lamps F21V5/00Refractors for light sources F21V7/00Reflectors for light sources F21V9/00Light filters Selection of luminescent materials for light screens F21V99/00Subject matter not provided for in other groups of this subclass