Auxiliary devices or arrangements for constructing, repairing, reconditioning, or taking-up road or like surfaces


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  • E01C23/00
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Sub Industries

E01C23/01Devices or auxiliary means for setting-out or checking the configuration of new surfacing E01C23/02Devices for making, treating or filling grooves or like channels in not-yet-hardened paving E01C23/021Removable E01C23/023Removable joint-body supports ; Installing joint or like bodies E01C23/025Making or working grooves or like channels in laid paving E01C23/026Introducing preformed inserts into or filling grooves or like channels in laid paving, with or without concurrent making or working of groove or channel E01C23/028Positioning or producing markings E01C23/03Arrangements for curing paving Devices for applying curing means Devices for laying prefabricated underlay E01C23/04Devices for laying inserting or positioning reinforcing elements or dowel bars with or without joint bodies Removable support for reinforcing or load transfer elements Devices E01C23/045Removable E01C23/05Devices for installing or removing forms E01C23/06Devices or arrangements for working the finished surface Devices for repairing or reconditioning the surface of damaged paving; Recycling in place or on the road E01C23/065Recycling in place or on the road E01C23/07Apparatus combining measurement of the surface configuration of paving with application of material in proportion to the measured irregularities E01C23/08for roughening or patterning for removing the surface down to a predetermined depth high spots or material bonded to the surface E01C23/081by thermal or cryogenic treatment, excluding heating to facilitate mechanical working E01C23/082using non-powered tools E01C23/0825rotary E01C23/085using power-driven tools E01C23/0855moved rectilinearly E01C23/088Rotary tools E01C23/0885with vertical or steeply inclined rotary axis E01C23/09for forming cuts, grooves, or recesses E01C23/0906for forming, opening-out, cleaning, drying or heating cuts, grooves, recesses or, excluding forming, cracks E01C23/0913with non-powered tools E01C23/092rotary E01C23/0926with power-driven tools E01C23/0933rotary E01C23/094about vertical or inclined axes E01C23/0946specially for forming recesses to receive marking materials or markers E01C23/0953by thermal effect E01C23/096for forming, opening-out, cleaning, drying or heating and filling E01C23/0966for filling or priming, with or without working the surface of the filling or applying particulate material thereto E01C23/0973with liquid or semi-liquid materials E01C23/098and working the surface of the filling or applying particulate material thereto E01C23/0986with preformed elements E01C23/0993for forming or installing surface markings or signals in the paving E01C23/10for raising or levelling sunken paving for filling voids under paving for introducing material into substructure E01C23/12for taking-up, tearing-up, or full-depth breaking-up paving E01C23/121with non-powered tools E01C23/122with power-driven tools E01C23/124moved rectilinearly E01C23/125with direct-acting explosion chambers E01C23/127rotary E01C23/128with hydrojets E01C23/14for heating or drying foundation, paving, or materials thereon E01C23/16Devices for marking-out, applying, or forming traffic or like markings on finished paving Protecting fresh markings E01C23/163for marking-out the location of the markings; Guiding or steering devices for marking apparatus E01C23/166Means for dispensing particulate material on to freshly applied markings or into the marking material after discharge thereof E01C23/18for applying prefabricated markings E01C23/185Tape- or sheet-shape markers or carriers E01C23/20for forming markings in situ E01C23/203the marking material being applied to the surface by contact with an application tool E01C23/206by applying fusible particulate material to the surface E01C23/22by spraying E01C23/222specially adapted for automatic spraying of interrupted, individual or variable markings E01C23/225comprising means for mechanically working the applied material E01C23/227the marking material being supplied in aerosol containers E01C23/24by pouring E01C23/243specially adapted for automatic pouring of interrupted, individual or variable markings E01C23/246comprising means for mechanically working the applied material