Biological treatment of water, waste water, or sewage


  • CPC
  • C02F3/00
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Sub Industries

C02F3/005Combined electrochemical biological processes C02F3/006Regulation methods for biological treatment C02F3/02Aerobic processes C02F3/025Biological purification using sources of oxygen other than air, oxygen or ozone C02F3/04using trickle filters C02F3/043Devices for distributing water over trickle filters C02F3/046Soil filtration C02F3/06using submerged filters C02F3/08using moving contact bodies C02F3/082Rotating biological contactors C02F3/085Fluidized beds C02F3/087Floating beds with contact bodies having a lower density than water C02F3/10Packings Fillings Grids C02F3/101Arranged-type packing C02F3/102Permeable membranes C02F3/103Textile-type packing C02F3/104Granular carriers C02F3/105Characterized by the chemical composition C02F3/106Carbonaceous materials C02F3/107Inorganic materials C02F3/108Immobilising gels, polymers or the like C02F3/109Characterized by the shape C02F3/12Activated sludge processes C02F3/1205Particular type of activated sludge processes C02F3/121Multistep treatment C02F3/1215Combinations of activated sludge treatment with precipitation, flocculation, coagulation and separation of phosphates C02F3/1221comprising treatment of the recirculated sludge C02F3/1226comprising an absorbent material suspended in the mixed liquor C02F3/1231Treatments of toxic sewage C02F3/1236Particular type of activated sludge installations C02F3/1242Small compact installations for use in homes, apartment blocks, hotels or the like C02F3/1247comprising circular tanks with elements C02F3/1252Cylindrical tanks with horizontal axis C02F3/1257Oxidation ditches C02F3/1263Sequencing batch reactors [SBR] C02F3/1268Membrane bioreactor systems C02F3/1273Submerged membrane bioreactors C02F3/1278Provisions for mixing or aeration of the mixed liquor C02F3/1284Mixing devices C02F3/1289Aeration by saturation under super-atmospheric pressure C02F3/1294"Venturi" aeration means C02F3/14using surface aeration C02F3/145Protection against aerosols C02F3/16the aerator having a vertical axis C02F3/165using vertical aeration channels C02F3/18the aerator having a horizontal axis C02F3/20using diffusers C02F3/201Perforated, resilient plastic diffusers C02F3/202Aeration by electrolytically produced oxygen bubbles C02F3/203Swing diffusers C02F3/205Moving C02F3/206with helical screw impellers C02F3/207with axial thrust propellers C02F3/208Membrane aeration C02F3/22using circulation pipes C02F3/223using "air-lift" C02F3/226"Deep shaft" processes C02F3/24using free-fall aeration or spraying C02F3/26using pure oxygen or oxygen-rich gas C02F3/28Anaerobic digestion processes C02F3/2806Anaerobic processes using solid supports for micro-organisms C02F3/2813using anaerobic contact processes C02F3/282using anaerobic sequencing batch reactors C02F3/2826using anaerobic filters C02F3/2833using fluidized bed reactors C02F3/284using anaerobic baffled reactors C02F3/2846using upflow anaerobic sludge blanket [UASB] reactors C02F3/2853using anaerobic membrane bioreactors C02F3/286including two or more steps C02F3/2866Particular arrangements for anaerobic reactors C02F3/2873with internal draft tube circulation C02F3/288comprising septic tanks combined with a filter C02F3/2886Two story combinations of the Imhoff tank type C02F3/2893with biogas recycling C02F3/30Aerobic and anaerobic processes C02F3/301Aerobic and anaerobic treatment in the same reactor C02F3/302Nitrification and denitrification treatment C02F3/303characterised by the nitrification C02F3/305characterised by the denitrification C02F3/306Denitrification of water in soil C02F3/307characterised by direct conversion of nitrite to molecular nitrogen C02F3/308Biological phosphorus removal C02F3/32characterised by the animals or plants used C02F3/322use of algae C02F3/325as symbiotic combination of algae and bacteria C02F3/327characterised by animals and plants C02F3/34characterised by the micro-organisms used C02F3/341Consortia of bacteria C02F3/342characterised by the enzymes used C02F3/343for digestion of grease, fat, oil C02F3/344for digestion of mineral oil C02F3/345for biological oxidation or reduction of sulfur compounds C02F3/346Iron bacteria C02F3/347Use of yeasts or fungi C02F3/348characterised by the way or the form in which the microorganisms are added or dosed