Characteristics of apparatus not provided for in the preceding codes


  • CPC
  • A61H2201/00
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Sub Industries

A61H2201/01Constructive details A61H2201/0103inflatable A61H2201/0107modular A61H2201/0111watertight A61H2201/0115used in water A61H2201/0119Support for the device A61H2201/0123on a door A61H2201/0126on a wall A61H2201/013Suction cups A61H2201/0134Cushion or similar support A61H2201/0138incorporated in furniture A61H2201/0142Beds A61H2201/0146Mattresses A61H2201/0149Seat or chair A61H2201/0153hand-held A61H2201/0157portable A61H2201/0161Size reducing arrangements when not in use, for stowing or transport A61H2201/0165Damping, vibration related features A61H2201/0169Noise reduction A61H2201/0173Means for preventing injuries A61H2201/0176By stopping operation A61H2201/018By limiting the applied torque or force A61H2201/0184by raising an alarm A61H2201/0188Illumination related features A61H2201/0192Specific means for adjusting dimensions A61H2201/0196automatically adjusted according to anthropometric data of the user A61H2201/02heated or cooled A61H2201/0207heated A61H2201/0214cooled A61H2201/0221Mechanism for heating or cooling A61H2201/0228heated by an electric resistance element A61H2201/0235Thermistors with Positive Temperature Coefficient [PTC] A61H2201/0242by a fluid circulating in the apparatus A61H2201/025by direct air flow on the patient's body A61H2201/0257by a heat accumulator A61H2201/0264using heat exchanger A61H2201/0271using heat loss of a motor A61H2201/0278by chemical reaction A61H2201/0285with Peltier elements A61H2201/0292with microwaves A61H2201/10with further special therapeutic means A61H2201/102with aromatherapy A61H2201/105with means for delivering media A61H2201/107Respiratory gas A61H2201/12Driving means A61H2201/1207with electric or magnetic drive A61H2201/1215Rotary drive A61H2201/1223Frequency controlled AC motor A61H2201/123Linear drive A61H2201/1238with hydraulic or pneumatic drive A61H2201/1246by piston-cylinder systems A61H2201/1253driven by a human being A61H2201/1261combined with active exercising of the patient A61H2201/1269Passive exercise driven by movement of healthy limbs A61H2201/1276by the other leg or arm A61H2201/1284using own weight A61H2201/1292Therapy performed on humans by animals A61H2201/14Special force transmission means A61H2201/1409Hydraulic or pneumatic means A61H2201/1418Cam A61H2201/1427Wobbling plate A61H2201/1436Special crank assembly A61H2201/1445Overrunning clutches One-way clutches A61H2201/1454Special bearing arrangements A61H2201/1463Special speed variation means A61H2201/1472Planetary gearing A61H2201/1481Special movement conversion means A61H2201/149rotation-linear or vice-versa A61H2201/16Physical interface with patient A61H2201/1602kind of interface A61H2201/1604Head A61H2201/1607Holding means therefor A61H2201/1609Neck A61H2201/1611Holding means therefor A61H2201/1614Shoulder A61H2201/1616Holding means therefor A61H2201/1619Thorax A61H2201/1621Holding means therefor A61H2201/1623Back A61H2201/1626Holding means therefor A61H2201/1628Pelvis A61H2201/163holding means therefor A61H2201/1633Seat A61H2201/1635Hand or arm A61H2201/1638Holding means therefor A61H2201/164Feet or leg A61H2201/1642Holding means therefor A61H2201/1645contoured to fit the user A61H2201/1647the anatomy of a particular individual A61H2201/165Wearable interfaces A61H2201/1652Harness A61H2201/1654Layer between the skin and massage elements A61H2201/1657Movement of interface A61H2201/1659Free spatial automatic movement of interface within a working area A61H2201/1661Wobbling interface A61H2201/1664linear A61H2201/1666multidimensional A61H2201/1669moving along the body in a reciprocating manner A61H2201/1671rotational A61H2201/1673Multidimensional rotation A61H2201/1676Pivoting A61H2201/1678Means for angularly oscillating massage elements A61H2201/168not moving A61H2201/1683Surface of interface A61H2201/1685interchangeable A61H2201/1688disposable A61H2201/169Physical characteristics of the surface A61H2201/1692Enhanced rubbing effect A61H2201/1695Enhanced pressure effect A61H2201/1697Breathability of the material A61H2201/50Control means thereof A61H2201/5002Means for controlling a set of similar massage devices acting in sequence at different locations on a patient A61H2201/5005for controlling frequency distribution, modulation or interference of a driving signal A61H2201/5007computer controlled A61H2201/501connected to external computer devices or networks A61H2201/5012using the internet A61H2201/5015using specific interfaces or standards A61H2201/5017Coin operated A61H2201/502Card operated A61H2201/5023Interfaces to the user A61H2201/5025Activation means A61H2201/5028Contact activation A61H2201/503Inertia activation A61H2201/5033having a fixed single program A61H2201/5035Several programs selectable A61H2201/5038freely programmable by the user A61H2201/5041control is restricted to certain individuals A61H2201/5043Displays A61H2201/5046Touch screens A61H2201/5048Audio interfaces A61H2201/5051hydraulically controlled A61H2201/5053mechanically controlled A61H2201/5056pneumatically controlled A61H2201/5058Sensors or detectors A61H2201/5061Force sensors A61H2201/5064Position sensors A61H2201/5066Limit switches A61H2201/5069Angle sensors A61H2201/5071Pressure sensors A61H2201/5074using electric pressure transducers with proportional output A61H2201/5076Frequency sensors A61H2201/5079Velocity sensors A61H2201/5082Temperature sensors A61H2201/5084Acceleration sensors A61H2201/5087Flow rate sensors A61H2201/5089Gas sensors A61H2201/5092Optical sensor A61H2201/5094with patient markers A61H2201/5097wireless