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G06Q30/01Customer relationship G06Q30/012Product or service warranty G06Q30/014Product recall G06Q30/016Customer service G06Q30/018Business or product certification or verification G06Q30/0185Product, service or business identity fraud G06Q30/02Marketing G06Q30/0201Market data gathering, market analysis or market modelling G06Q30/0202Market predictions or demand forecasting G06Q30/0203Market surveys or market polls G06Q30/0204Market segmentation G06Q30/0205Location or geographical consideration G06Q30/0206Price or cost determination based on market factors G06Q30/0207Discounts or incentives G06Q30/0208Trade or exchange of a good or service for an incentive G06Q30/0209Incentive being awarded or redeemed in connection with the playing of a video game G06Q30/0211Determining discount or incentive effectiveness G06Q30/0212Chance discounts or incentives G06Q30/0213Consumer transaction fees G06Q30/0214Referral award systems G06Q30/0215Including financial accounts G06Q30/0216Investment accounts G06Q30/0217Giving input on a product or service or expressing a customer desire in exchange for an incentive or reward G06Q30/0218based on score G06Q30/0219based on funds or budget G06Q30/0221Re-usable coupons G06Q30/0222During e-commerce G06Q30/0223based on inventory G06Q30/0224based on user history G06Q30/0225Avoiding frauds G06Q30/0226Frequent usage incentive systems G06Q30/0227Frequent usage incentive value reconciliation between diverse systems G06Q30/0228On-line clearing houses G06Q30/0229Multi-merchant loyalty card systems G06Q30/0231Awarding of a frequent usage incentive independent of the monetary value of a good or service purchased, or distance travelled G06Q30/0232Frequent usage rewards other than merchandise, cash or travel G06Q30/0233Method of redeeming a frequent usage reward G06Q30/0234Rebate after completed purchase G06Q30/0235Including timing G06Q30/0236Incentive or reward received by requiring registration or ID from user G06Q30/0237at kiosk G06Q30/0238at point-of-sale [POS] G06Q30/0239Online discounts or incentives G06Q30/0241Advertisement G06Q30/0242Determination of advertisement effectiveness G06Q30/0243Comparative campaigns G06Q30/0244Optimization G06Q30/0245Surveys G06Q30/0246Traffic G06Q30/0247Calculate past, present or future revenues G06Q30/0248Avoiding fraud G06Q30/0249based upon budgets or funds G06Q30/0251Targeted advertisement G06Q30/0252based on events or environment G06Q30/0253During e-commerce G06Q30/0254based on statistics G06Q30/0255based on user history G06Q30/0256User search G06Q30/0257User requested G06Q30/0258Registration G06Q30/0259based on store location G06Q30/0261based on user location G06Q30/0262during computer stand-by mode G06Q30/0263based upon Internet or website rating G06Q30/0264based upon schedule G06Q30/0265Vehicular advertisement G06Q30/0266based on the position of the vehicle G06Q30/0267Wireless devices G06Q30/0268at point-of-sale [POS] G06Q30/0269based on user profile or attribute G06Q30/0271Personalized advertisement G06Q30/0272Period of advertisement exposure G06Q30/0273Fees for advertisement G06Q30/0274Split fees G06Q30/0275Auctions G06Q30/0276Advertisement creation G06Q30/0277Online advertisement G06Q30/0278Product appraisal G06Q30/0279Fundraising management G06Q30/0281Customer communication at a business location G06Q30/0282Business establishment or product rating or recommendation G06Q30/0283Price estimation or determination G06Q30/0284Time or distance G06Q30/04Billing or invoicing G06Q30/06Buying, selling or leasing transactions G06Q30/0601Electronic shopping G06Q30/0603Catalogue ordering G06Q30/0605Supply or demand aggregation G06Q30/0607Regulated G06Q30/0609Buyer or seller confidence or verification G06Q30/0611Request for offers or quotes G06Q30/0613Third-party assisted G06Q30/0615Anonymizing G06Q30/0617Representative agent G06Q30/0619Neutral agent G06Q30/0621Item configuration or customization G06Q30/0623Item investigation G06Q30/0625Directed, with specific intent or strategy G06Q30/0627using item specifications G06Q30/0629for generating comparisons G06Q30/0631Item recommendations G06Q30/0633Lists G06Q30/0635Processing of requisition or of purchase orders G06Q30/0637Approvals G06Q30/0639Item locations G06Q30/0641Shopping interfaces G06Q30/0643Graphical representation of items or shoppers G06Q30/0645Rental G06Q30/08Auctions, matching or brokerage