Component parts, details, or accessories, of pumps or pumping systems, not otherwise provided for in, or of interest apart from, groups F04B25/00 - F04B37/00


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  • F04B39/00
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Sub Industries

F04B39/0005adaptations of pistons F04B39/0011liquid pistons F04B39/0016with valve arranged in the piston F04B39/0022piston rods F04B39/0027Pulsation and noise damping means F04B39/0033with encapsulations F04B39/0038of inlet or outlet channels F04B39/0044with vibration damping supports F04B39/005with direct action on the fluid flow using absorptive materials F04B39/0055with a special shape of fluid passage F04B39/0061using muffler volumes F04B39/0066using sidebranch resonators F04B39/0072characterised by assembly or mounting F04B39/0077by generating oil foam F04B39/0083using blow off silencers F04B39/0088using mechanical tuned resonators F04B39/0094crankshaft F04B39/02Lubrication F04B39/0207with lubrication control systems F04B39/0215characterised by the use of a special lubricant F04B39/0223characterised by the compressor type F04B39/023Hermetic compressors F04B39/0238with oil distribution channels F04B39/0246in the rotating shaft F04B39/0253using centrifugal force for transporting the oil F04B39/0261with an auxiliary oil pump F04B39/0269with device for spraying lubricant or with mist lubrication F04B39/0276the pump being of the reciprocating piston type F04B39/0284Constructional details F04B39/0292Lubrication of pistons or cylinders F04B39/04Measures to avoid lubricant contaminating the pumped fluid F04B39/041sealing for a reciprocating rod F04B39/042sealing being provided on the piston F04B39/044sealing with a rolling diaphragm between piston and cylinder F04B39/045Labyrinth-sealing between piston and cylinder F04B39/047Sealing between piston and carter being provided by a bellow F04B39/048Sealing between piston and carter being provided by a diaphragm F04B39/06Cooling Heating Prevention of freezing F04B39/062Cooling by injecting a liquid in the gas to be compressed F04B39/064Cooling by a cooling jacket in the pump casing F04B39/066Cooling by ventilation F04B39/068prevention of freezing F04B39/08Actuation of distribution members F04B39/10Adaptations or arrangements of distribution members F04B39/1006the members being ball valves F04B39/1013the members being of the poppet valve type F04B39/102the members being disc valves F04B39/1026without spring F04B39/1033annular disc valves F04B39/104the members being parallel flexible strips F04B39/1046Combination of in- and outlet valve F04B39/1053the members being Hoerbigen valves F04B39/106the members being parallel non-flexible strips F04B39/1066Valve plates F04B39/1073the members being reed valves F04B39/108circular reed valves F04B39/1086flat annular reed valves F04B39/1093the members being low-resistance valves allowing free streaming F04B39/12Casings Cylinders Cylinders heads Fluid connections F04B39/121Casings F04B39/122Cylinder block F04B39/123Fluid connections F04B39/125Cylinder heads F04B39/126Cylinder liners F04B39/127Mounting of a cylinder block in a casing F04B39/128Crankcases F04B39/14Provisions for readily assembling or disassembling F04B39/16Filtration Moisture separation