Containers specially adapted for medical or pharmaceutical purposes


  • CPC
  • A61J1/00
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Sub Industries

A61J1/03for pills or tablets A61J1/035Blister-type containers A61J1/05for collecting, storing or administering blood, plasma or medical fluids ; Infusion or perfusion containers A61J1/06Ampoules or carpules A61J1/062Carpules A61J1/065Rigid ampoules A61J1/067Flexible ampoules, the contents of which are expelled by squeezing A61J1/10Bag-type containers A61J1/12with means for holding samples of contents A61J1/14Details A61J1/1406Septums, pierceable membranes A61J1/1412Containers with closing means A61J1/1418Threaded type A61J1/1425Snap-fit type A61J1/1431Permanent type A61J1/1437Locking means requiring key or combination to open the container A61J1/1443Containers with means for dispensing liquid medicaments in a filtered or sterile way A61J1/145using air filters A61J1/1456using liquid filters A61J1/1462Containers with provisions for hanging A61J1/1468Containers characterised by specific material properties A61J1/1475Inlet or outlet ports A61J1/1481with connection retaining means A61J1/1487with friction fit A61J1/1493Containers with shape retaining means A61J1/16Holders for containers A61J1/165Cooled holders A61J1/18Arrangements for indicating condition of container contents A61J1/20Arrangements for transferring or mixing fluids A61J1/2003Accessories used in combination with means for transfer or mixing of fluids A61J1/2006Piercing means A61J1/201having one piercing end A61J1/2013having two piercing ends A61J1/2017having three or more piercing ends A61J1/202Separating means A61J1/2024having peelable seals A61J1/2027having frangible parts A61J1/2031having openings brought into alignment A61J1/2034having separation clips A61J1/2037having valve means A61J1/2041having removable plugs A61J1/2044having slits A61J1/2048Connecting means A61J1/2051having tap means A61J1/2055having gripping means A61J1/2058having multiple connecting ports A61J1/2062with directional valves A61J1/2065having aligning and guiding means A61J1/2068Venting means A61J1/2072for internal venting A61J1/2075for external venting A61J1/2079Filtering means A61J1/2082for gas filtration A61J1/2086for fluid filtration A61J1/2089Containers or vials which are to be joined to each other in order to mix their contents A61J1/2093Containers having several compartments for products to be mixed A61J1/2096Combination of a vial and a syringe for transferring or mixing their contents A61J1/22with means for metering the amount of fluid