Details of apparatus for conversion


  • CPC
  • H02M1/00
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Sub Industries

H02M1/0061using discharge tubes H02M1/02Circuits specially adapted for the generation of grid-control or igniter-control voltages for discharge tubes incorporated in static converters H02M1/04for tubes with grid control H02M1/042wherein the phase of the control voltage is adjustable with reference to the AC voltage H02M1/045for multiphase systems H02M1/047for ignition at the zero-crossing of voltage or current H02M1/06Circuits specially adapted for rendering non-conductive gas discharge tubes or equivalent semiconductor devices H02M1/065for discharge tubes H02M1/08Circuits specially adapted for the generation of control voltages for semiconductor devices incorporated in static converters H02M1/081wherein the phase of the control voltage is adjustable with reference to the AC source H02M1/082with digital control H02M1/083for the ignition at the zero crossing of the voltage or the current H02M1/084using a control circuit common to several phases of a multi-phase system H02M1/0845digitally controlled (or with digital control) H02M1/088for the simultaneous control of series or parallel connected semiconductor devices H02M1/092the control signals being transmitted optically H02M1/096the power supply of the control circuit being connected in parallel to the main switching element H02M1/10Arrangements incorporating converting means for enabling loads to be operated at will from different kinds of power supplies H02M1/12Arrangements for reducing harmonics from ac input or output H02M1/126using passive filters H02M1/14Arrangements for reducing ripples from dc input or output H02M1/143using compensating arrangements H02M1/146using discharge tubes H02M1/15using active elements H02M1/16Means for providing current step on switching H02M1/20Contact mechanisms of dynamic converters H02M1/22incorporating collectors and brushes H02M1/24incorporating rolling or tumbling contacts H02M1/26incorporating cam-operated contacts H02M1/28incorporating electromagnetically-operated vibrating contacts H02M1/30incorporating liquid contacts H02M1/32Means for protecting converters other than automatic disconnection H02M1/34Snubber circuits H02M1/36Means for starting or stoping converters H02M1/38Means for preventing simultaneous conduction of switches H02M1/40Means for preventing magnetic saturation H02M1/42Circuits or arrangements for compensating for or adjusting power factor in converters or inverters H02M1/4208Arrangements for improving power factor of AC input H02M1/4216operating from a three-phase input voltage H02M1/4225using a non-isolated boost converter H02M1/4233using a bridge converter consisting of active switches H02M1/4241using a resonant converter H02M1/425using a single converter stage both for correction of AC input power factor and generation of a high frequency AC output voltage H02M1/4258using a single converter stage both for correction of AC input power factor and generation of a regulated and galanically isolated DC output voltage H02M1/4266using passive elements H02M1/44Circuits or arangements for compensating for electromagnetic interferance in converters or inverters