Details of viewing arrangements using cameras and displays, specially adapted for use in a vehicle


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  • B60R2300/00
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Sub Industries

B60R2300/10characterised by the type of camera system used B60R2300/101using cameras with adjustable capturing direction B60R2300/102using 360 degree surveillance camera system B60R2300/103using camera systems provided with artificial illumination device B60R2300/105using multiple cameras B60R2300/106using night vision cameras B60R2300/107using stereoscopic cameras B60R2300/108using 'non-standard' camera systems B60R2300/20characterised by the type of display used B60R2300/202displaying a blind spot scene on the vehicle part responsible for the blind spot B60R2300/205using a head-up display B60R2300/207using multi-purpose displays B60R2300/30characterised by the type of image processing B60R2300/301combining image information with other obstacle sensor information B60R2300/302combining image information with GPS information or vehicle data B60R2300/303using joined images B60R2300/304using merged images B60R2300/305merging camera image with lines or icons B60R2300/306using a re-scaling of images B60R2300/307virtually distinguishing relevant parts of a scene from the background of the scene B60R2300/308by overlaying the real scene B60R2300/40characterised by the details of the power supply or the coupling to vehicle components B60R2300/402Image calibration B60R2300/404triggering from stand-by mode to operation mode B60R2300/406using wireless transmission B60R2300/408using a data bus B60R2300/50characterised by the display information being shared B60R2300/60characterised by monitoring and displaying vehicle exterior scenes from a transformed perspective B60R2300/602with an adjustable viewpoint B60R2300/605the adjustment being automatic B60R2300/607from a bird's eye viewpoint B60R2300/70characterised by an event-triggered choice to display a specific image among a selection of captured images B60R2300/80characterised by the intended use of the viewing arrangement B60R2300/8006for monitoring and displaying scenes of vehicle interior B60R2300/8013for child monitoring B60R2300/802for monitoring and displaying vehicle exterior blind spot views B60R2300/8026in addition to a rear-view mirror system B60R2300/8033for pedestrian protection B60R2300/804for lane monitoring B60R2300/8046for replacing a rear-view mirror system B60R2300/8053for bad weather conditions or night vision B60R2300/806for aiding parking B60R2300/8066for monitoring rearward traffic B60R2300/8073for vehicle security B60R2300/808for facilitating docking to a trailer B60R2300/8086for vehicle path indication B60R2300/8093for obstacle warning