Devices for reflection, refraction, diffraction, or polarisation of waves radiated from an aerial


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  • H01Q15/00
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Sub Industries

H01Q15/0006Devices acting selectively as reflecting surface, as diffracting or as refracting device H01Q15/0013said selective devices working as frequency-selective reflecting surfaces H01Q15/002said selective devices being reconfigurable or tunable H01Q15/0026said selective devices having a stacked geometry or having multiple layers H01Q15/0033used for beam splitting or combining H01Q15/004using superconducting materials or magnetised substrates H01Q15/0046Theoretical analysis and design methods of such selective devices H01Q15/0053Selective devices used as spatial filter or angular sidelobe filter H01Q15/006Selective devices having photonic band gap materials or materials of which the material properties are frequency dependent H01Q15/0066said selective devices being reconfigurable, tunable or controllable H01Q15/0073said selective devices having corrugations H01Q15/008said selective devices having Sievenpipers' mushroom elements H01Q15/0086said selective devices having materials with a synthesized negative refractive index H01Q15/0093having a fractal shape H01Q15/02Refracting or diffracting devices H01Q15/04comprising wave-guiding channel or channels bounded by effective conductive surfaces substantially perpendicular to the electric vector of the wave H01Q15/06comprising plurality of wave-guiding channels of different length H01Q15/08formed of solid dielectric material H01Q15/10comprising three-dimensional array of impedance discontinuities H01Q15/12functioning also as polarisation filter H01Q15/14Reflecting surfaces Equivalent structures H01Q15/141Apparatus or processes specially adapted for manufacturing reflecting surfaces H01Q15/142using insulating material for supporting the reflecting surface H01Q15/144with a honeycomb, cellular or foamed sandwich structure H01Q15/145comprising a plurality of reflecting particles H01Q15/147provided with means for controlling or monitoring the shape of the reflecting surface H01Q15/148with means for varying the reflecting properties H01Q15/16Curved in two dimensions H01Q15/161Collapsible reflectors H01Q15/162composed of a plurality of rigid panels H01Q15/163inflatable H01Q15/165composed of a plurality of rigid panels H01Q15/166sector shaped H01Q15/167comprising a gap between adjacent panels or group of panels H01Q15/168Mesh reflectors mounted on a non-collapsible frame H01Q15/18comprising plurality of mutually inclined plane surfaces H01Q15/20Collapsible reflectors H01Q15/22functioning also as polarisation filter H01Q15/23Combinations of reflecting surfaces with refracting or diffracting devices H01Q15/24Polarising devices Polarisation filters H01Q15/242Polarisation converters H01Q15/244converting a linear polarised wave into a circular polarised wave H01Q15/246rotating the plane of polarisation of a linear polarised wave H01Q15/248using a reflecting surface