Digital computing or data processing equipment or methods, specially adapted for specific applications


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  • G06F19/00
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Sub Industries

G06F19/10Bioinformatics G06F19/12for modelling or simulation in systems biology G06F19/14for phylogeny or evolution G06F19/16for molecular structure G06F19/18for functional genomics or proteomics G06F19/20for hybridisation or gene expression G06F19/22for sequence comparison involving nucleotides or amino acids G06F19/24for machine learning, data mining or biostatistics G06F19/26for data visualisation G06F19/28for programming tools or database systems G06F19/30Medical informatics G06F19/32Medical data management G06F19/321Management of medical image data G06F19/322Management of patient personal data G06F19/323on a portable record carrier G06F19/324Management of patient independent data G06F19/325Medical practices G06F19/326Medication information G06F19/327Management of hospital data G06F19/328Health insurance management G06F19/34Computer-assisted medical diagnosis or treatment G06F19/3406Local monitoring or local control of medical devices G06F19/3412Medical equipment management G06F19/3418Telemedicine G06F19/3425Consulting other medical practitioners G06F19/3431Calculating a health index for the patient G06F19/3437Medical simulation or modelling G06F19/3443Medical data mining G06F19/345Medical expert systems, neural networks or other automated diagnosis G06F19/3456Computer-assisted prescription or delivery of medication G06F19/3462Computer-assisted distribution of medication from dispensers G06F19/3468Computer-assisted delivery of medication via infusion or injection G06F19/3475Computer-assisted prescription or delivery of diets G06F19/3481Computer-assisted prescription or delivery of treatment by physical action G06F19/3487Medical report generation G06F19/3493Computer-assisted epidemiological alert systems G06F19/36Computer-assisted acquisition of medical data G06F19/363Manual data input G06F19/366Acquisition of data related to laboratory tests G06F19/70Chemoinformatics G06F19/701for molecular modelling G06F19/702for analysis and planning of chemical reactions and syntheses G06F19/703for computer-assisted identification of chemical compounds or molecular structures G06F19/704for prediction of properties of compounds G06F19/705for database search of chemical structures G06F19/706for drug design with the emphasis on a therapeutic agent G06F19/707using machine learning, data mining or chemometrics G06F19/708for data visualisation G06F19/709for programming tools or database systems