Elements for body-finishing, identifying, or decorating Arrangements or adaptations for advertising purposes


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  • B60R13/00
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Sub Industries

B60R13/005Manufacturers' emblems, name plates, bonnet ornaments, mascots or the like; Mounting means therefor B60R13/01Liners for load platforms or load compartments B60R13/011for internal load compartments B60R13/013comprising removable or hinged parts B60R13/02Internal Trim mouldings; Internal Ledges Wall liners for passenger compartments Roof liners B60R13/0206Arrangements of fasteners and clips specially adapted for attaching inner vehicle liners or mouldings B60R13/0212Roof or head liners B60R13/0218supported by adhesion with the roof panel B60R13/0225self supporting head liners B60R13/0231specially adapted for roofs with openings B60R13/0237Side or rear panels B60R13/0243Doors B60R13/025Pillars; Roof rails B60R13/0256Dashboard liners B60R13/0262Mid-console liners B60R13/0268Rear parcel liners B60R13/0275comprising removable or hinged parts B60R13/04External Ornamental or guard strips Ornamental inscriptive devices thereon B60R13/043Door edge guards B60R13/06Sealing strips B60R13/07Water drainage or guide means not integral with roof structure B60R13/08Insulating elements B60R13/0815Acoustic or thermal insulation of passenger compartments B60R13/0823Insulating partitions B60R13/083for fire walls or floors B60R13/0838for engine compartments B60R13/0846for duct, cable or rod passages B60R13/0853specially adapted for movable parts B60R13/0861for covering undersurfaces of vehicles B60R13/0869for protecting heat sensitive parts B60R13/0876for mounting around heat sources B60R13/0884for mounting around noise sources B60R13/0892for humidity insulation B60R13/10Registration, licencing, or like devices B60R13/105Licence- or registration plates, provided with mounting means