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C12Y101/00Oxidoreductases acting on the CH-OH group of donors (1.1) C12Y102/00Oxidoreductases acting on the aldehyde or oxo group of donors (1.2) C12Y103/00Oxidoreductases acting on the CH-CH group of donors (1.3) C12Y104/00Oxidoreductases acting on the CH-NH2 group of donors (1.4) C12Y105/00Oxidoreductases acting on the CH-NH group of donors (1.5) C12Y106/00Oxidoreductases acting on NADH or NADPH (1.6) C12Y107/00Oxidoreductases acting on other nitrogenous compounds as donors (1.7) C12Y108/00Oxidoreductases acting on sulfur groups as donors (1.8) C12Y109/00Oxidoreductases acting on a heme group of donors (1.9) C12Y110/00Oxidoreductases acting on diphenols and related substances as donors (1.10) C12Y111/00Oxidoreductases acting on a peroxide as acceptor (1.11) C12Y112/00Oxidoreductases acting on hydrogen as donor (1.12) C12Y113/00Oxidoreductases acting on single donors with incorporation of molecular oxygen (oxygenases) (1.13) C12Y114/00Oxidoreductases acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen (1.14) C12Y115/00Oxidoreductases acting on superoxide as acceptor (1.15) C12Y116/00Oxidoreductases oxidizing metal ions (1.16) C12Y117/00Oxidoreductases acting on CH or CH2 groups (1.17) C12Y118/00Oxidoreductases acting on iron-sulfur proteins as donors (1.18) C12Y119/00Oxidoreductases acting on reduced flavodoxin as donor (1.19) C12Y120/00Oxidoreductases acting on phosphorus or arsenic in donors (1.20) C12Y121/00Oxidoreductases acting on X-H and Y-H to form an X-Y bond (1.21) C12Y122/00Oxidoreductases acting on halogen in donors (1.22) C12Y197/00Other oxidoreductases (1.97) C12Y201/00Transferases transferring one-carbon groups (2.1) C12Y202/00Transferases transferring aldehyde or ketonic groups (2.2) C12Y203/00Acyltransferases (2.3) C12Y204/00Glycosyltransferases (2.4) C12Y205/00Transferases transferring alkyl or aryl groups, other than methyl groups (2.5) C12Y206/00Transferases transferring nitrogenous groups (2.6) C12Y207/00Transferases transferring phosphorus-containing groups (2.7) C12Y208/00Transferases transferring sulfur-containing groups (2.8) C12Y209/00Transferases transferring selenium-containing groups (2.9) C12Y210/00Transferases transferring molybdenum- or tungsten-containing groups (2.10) C12Y301/00Hydrolases acting on ester bonds (3.1) C12Y302/00Hydrolases acting on glycosyl compounds C12Y303/00Hydrolases acting on ether bonds (3.3) C12Y304/00Hydrolases acting on peptide bonds C12Y305/00Hydrolases acting on carbon-nitrogen bonds, other than peptide bonds (3.5) C12Y306/00Hydrolases acting on acid anhydrides (3.6) C12Y307/00Hydrolases acting on carbon-carbon bonds (3.7) C12Y308/00Hydrolases acting on halide bonds (3.8) C12Y309/00Hydrolases acting on phosphorus-nitrogen bonds (3.9) C12Y310/00Hydrolases acting on sulfur-nitrogen bonds (3.10) C12Y311/00Hydrolases acting on carbon-phosphorus bonds (3.11) C12Y312/00Hydrolases acting on sulfur-sulfur bonds (3.12) C12Y313/00Hydrolases acting on carbon-sulfur bonds (3.13) C12Y401/00Carbon-carbon lyases (4.1) C12Y402/00Carbon-oxygen lyases (4.2) C12Y403/00Carbon-nitrogen lyases (4.3) C12Y404/00Carbon-sulfur lyases (4.4) C12Y405/00Carbon-halide lyases (4.5) C12Y406/00Phosphorus-oxygen lyases (4.6) C12Y499/00Other lyases (4.99) C12Y501/00Racemaces and epimerases (5.1) C12Y502/00Cis-trans-isomerases (5.2) C12Y503/00Intramolecular oxidoreductases (5.3) C12Y504/00Intramolecular transferases (5.4) C12Y505/00Intramolecular lyases (5.5) C12Y599/00Other isomerases (5.99) C12Y600/00Ligases (6.) C12Y601/00Ligases forming carbon-oxygen bonds (6.1) C12Y602/00Ligases forming carbon-sulfur bonds (6.2) C12Y603/00Ligases forming carbon-nitrogen bonds (6.3) C12Y604/00Ligases forming carbon-carbon bonds (6.4) C12Y605/00Ligases forming phosphoric ester bonds (6.5) C12Y606/00Ligases forming nitrogen-metal bonds (6.6)