Fittings or systems for preventing or indicating unauthorised use or theft of vehicles


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  • B60R25/00
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Sub Industries

B60R25/001Anti-theft devices acting on jacking means or props B60R25/002Locking of control actuating or transmitting means B60R25/003locking of control actuating means B60R25/005of foot actuated control means B60R25/006using means preventing access B60R25/007of hand actuated control means B60R25/008comprising means for locking two or more control means together B60R25/01operating on vehicle systems or fittings B60R25/012Airbags triggered B60R25/014comprising means for locking the seat or parts thereof in a driving prevention position B60R25/016comprising means for shuttering the windscreen or part thereof B60R25/018Thief traps B60R25/02operating on the steering mechanism B60R25/021restraining movement of the steering column or steering wheel hub B60R25/02102with supplementary safety device preventing operation of the starter of an engine already running B60R25/02105Arrangement of the steering column thereof B60R25/02107comprising overload clutching means B60R25/0211comprising a locking member radially and linearly moved towards the steering column B60R25/02113manually actuated B60R25/02115key actuated B60R25/02118with linear bolt motion parallel to the lock axis B60R25/02121comprising safety devices avoiding locking until removal of the key B60R25/02123using an axially slidable lock cylinder B60R25/02126with linear bolt motion perpendicular to the lock axis B60R25/02128comprising safety devices avoiding locking until removal of the key B60R25/02131by using an axially slidable lock cylinder B60R25/02134comprising a locking member axially moved along the steering column B60R25/02136manually actuated B60R25/02139key actuated B60R25/02142comprising externally controlled safety devices for preventing locking during vehicle running condition B60R25/02144interlocked with gear box or gear lever B60R25/02147comprising a locking member having other than linear, axial or radial motion B60R25/0215using electric means B60R25/02153comprising a locking member radially and linearly moved towards the steering column B60R25/02156comprising a locking member axially moved along the steering column B60R25/022operating on the steering wheel B60R25/0221restraining means joining the steering wheel with another part of the car B60R25/0222by disjoining steering wheel and column B60R25/0224restraining of steering wheel by collapsing against column B60R25/0225using a rod locked on the steering wheel rim B60R25/0227using means preventing access B60R25/0228comprising a locking bolt or fork slidable between or around the steering wheel spokes B60R25/023countermeasures against the physical destruction of the steering lock B60R25/04operating on the propulsion system B60R25/042operating on the fuel supply B60R25/043by blocking the exhaust B60R25/044by limiting or blocking the air supply B60R25/045by limiting or cutting the electrical supply to the propulsion unit B60R25/06operating on the vehicle transmission B60R25/063Locking of foot actuated control actuating means B60R25/066Locking of hand actuated control actuating means B60R25/08operating on brakes or brake system B60R25/083Locking of foot-actuated control actuating means B60R25/086Locking of hand-actuated control actuating means B60R25/09by restraining wheel rotation B60R25/093comprising ground-engaging means B60R25/096comprising means for deflating tyres B60R25/10actuating a signalling device B60R25/1001Alarm systems associated with another car fitting or mechanism B60R25/1003Alarm systems characterised by arm or disarm features B60R25/1004Alarm systems characterised by the type of sensor B60R25/1006Mechanical sensors B60R25/1007comprising associated circuitry B60R25/1009Sonic sensors; Signal treatment therefor B60R25/101Fuel level sensors B60R25/1012Zone surveillance means B60R25/1018Alarm systems characterised by features related to the general power supply B60R25/102a signal being sent to a remote location B60R25/1025preventing jamming or interference of said signal B60R25/104characterised by the type of theft warning signal B60R25/1045Signal comming from the exhaust B60R25/20Means to switch the anti-theft system on or off B60R25/2009Antitheft state indicator B60R25/2018Central base unlocks or authorises unlocking B60R25/2027with data signals passing through the human body B60R25/2036by using the door logic and door and engine unlock means B60R25/2045by hand gestures B60R25/2054by foot gestures B60R25/2063Ignition switch geometry B60R25/2072with means for preventing jamming or interference of a remote switch control signal B60R25/2081combined with personal settings of other vehicle devices B60R25/209Remote starting of engine B60R25/21using hidden switches B60R25/22using mechanical identifiers B60R25/225key in lock presence switch B60R25/23using manual input or alphanumerical codes B60R25/24using electronic identifiers containing a code not memorised by the user B60R25/241whereby access privileges are related to the identifiers B60R25/243with more than one way to gain access B60R25/245where the antenna reception area plays a role B60R25/246characterised by the challenge triggering B60R25/248Electronic key extraction prevention B60R25/25using biometry B60R25/252Fingerprint recognition B60R25/255Eye recognition B60R25/257Voice recognition B60R25/30Detection related to theft or to other events relevant to anti-theft systems B60R25/302using recording means B60R25/305using a camera B60R25/307using data concerning maintenance or configuration B60R25/31of human presence inside or outside the vehicle B60R25/32of vehicle dynamic parameters B60R25/33of global position B60R25/34of conditions of vehicle components B60R25/40Features of the power supply for the anti-theft system B60R25/403Power supply in the vehicle B60R25/406Power supply in the remote key