Function or property of ingredients for mortars, concrete or artificial stone


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  • C04B2103/00
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Sub Industries

C04B2103/0001Living organisms C04B2103/0002Seeds C04B2103/0003Unintentionally added compounds, such as impurities in raw materials C04B2103/0004Compounds chosen for the nature of their cations C04B2103/0005Organic ammonium compounds C04B2103/0006Alkali metal or inorganic ammonium compounds C04B2103/0007K C04B2103/0008Li C04B2103/0009Inorganic ammonium compounds C04B2103/001Alkaline earth metal or Mg-compounds C04B2103/0011Ba C04B2103/0012Mg C04B2103/0013Iron group metal compounds C04B2103/0014Fe C04B2103/0015Noble metal or copper compounds C04B2103/0016Cu C04B2103/0017Refractory metal compounds C04B2103/0018Cr C04B2103/0019Ti C04B2103/002Compounds of elements having a valency of 2 C04B2103/0021Compounds of elements having a valency of 3 C04B2103/0022Compounds of elements having a valency of 4 C04B2103/0023Compounds of elements having a valency of 5 C04B2103/0024Compounds of elements having a valency of 6 C04B2103/0025Compounds of the transition metals C04B2103/0026Compounds of unusual isotopes C04B2103/0027Standardised cement types C04B2103/0028according to API C04B2103/0029Type A C04B2103/003Type B C04B2103/0031Type C C04B2103/0032Type D C04B2103/0033Type E C04B2103/0034Type F C04B2103/0035Type G C04B2103/0036Type H C04B2103/0037Type J C04B2103/0038Type K C04B2103/0039according to ASTM C04B2103/004according to DIN C04B2103/0041Non-polymeric ingredients chosen for their physico-chemical characteristics C04B2103/0042Amorphous materials C04B2103/0043Compounds chosen for their specific Moh's hardness C04B2103/0044Compounds chosen for their abrasion resistance C04B2103/0045Polymers chosen for their physico-chemical characteristics C04B2103/0046added as monomers or as oligomers C04B2103/0047as a mixture of nonomers and prepolymers or oligomers C04B2103/0048as oligomers C04B2103/0049Water-swellable polymers C04B2103/005Alkali-swellable polymers C04B2103/0051Water-absorbing polymers, hydrophilic polymers C04B2103/0052Hydrophobic polymers C04B2103/0053Water-soluble polymers C04B2103/0054Water dispersible polymers C04B2103/0055Water-insoluble polymers C04B2103/0056Thermohardening polymers C04B2103/0057added as redispersable powders C04B2103/0058Core-shell polymers C04B2103/0059Graft (co-)polymers C04B2103/006Comb polymers C04B2103/0061Block (co-)polymers C04B2103/0062Cross-linked polymers C04B2103/0063obtained by an unusual polymerisation process C04B2103/0064Polymers unstable in the presence of hydraulic binders C04B2103/0065Polymers characterised by their glass transition temperature (Tg) C04B2103/0066Film forming polymers C04B2103/0067the ingredients being formed in situ by chemical reactions or conversion of one or more of the compounds of the composition C04B2103/0068Ingredients with a function or property not provided for elsewhere in C04B2103/00 C04B2103/0069the ingredients being characterised by their physical state C04B2103/007Supercritical fluids C04B2103/0071Phase-change materials C04B2103/0072Biodegradable materials C04B2103/0073Self-degrading materials C04B2103/0074Anti-static agents C04B2103/0075Anti-dusting agents C04B2103/0076Deodorizing agents C04B2103/0077Packaging material remaining in the mixture after the mixing step C04B2103/0078Sorbent materials C04B2103/0079Rheology influencing agents C04B2103/008Flocking or deflocking agents C04B2103/0081Deflocking agents C04B2103/0082Segregation-preventing agents; Sedimentation-preventing agents C04B2103/0083Bleeding-preventing agents C04B2103/0084Polyelectrolytes C04B2103/0085Thixotropic agents C04B2103/0086Chelating or complexing agents C04B2103/0087Ion-exchanging agents C04B2103/0088Compounds chosen for their latent hydraulic characteristics C04B2103/0089Agents for reducing heat of hydration C04B2103/009Anhydrous vehicles for hydraulic cement compositions C04B2103/0091Organic co-binders for mineral binder compositions C04B2103/0092for improving green strength C04B2103/0093Organic cosolvents C04B2103/0094Agents for altering or buffering the pH; Ingredients characterised by their pH C04B2103/0095Oxidising agents C04B2103/0096Reducing agents C04B2103/0097Anion- and far-infrared-emitting materials C04B2103/0098Radioactive materials C04B2103/0099Aspecific ingredients C04B2103/10Accelerators Activators C04B2103/105for reactions involving organo-silicon compounds C04B2103/12Set accelerators C04B2103/14Hardening accelerators C04B2103/20Retarders C04B2103/22Set retarders C04B2103/24Hardening retarders C04B2103/30Water reducers, plasticisers, air-entrainers, flow improvers C04B2103/302Water reducers C04B2103/304Air-entrainers C04B2103/306Fluidisers with reduced air-entraning effect C04B2103/308Slump-loss preventing agents C04B2103/32Superplasticisers C04B2103/34Flow improvers C04B2103/40Surface-active agents, dispersants C04B2103/402anionic C04B2103/404cationic C04B2103/406non-ionic C04B2103/408Dispersants C04B2103/42Pore formers C04B2103/44Thickening, gelling or viscosity increasing agents C04B2103/445Gelling agents C04B2103/46Water-loss or fluid-loss reducers, hygroscopic or hydrophilic agents, water retention agents C04B2103/465Water-sorbing agents, hygroscopic or hydrophilic agents C04B2103/48Foam stabilisers C04B2103/50Defoamers, air detrainers C04B2103/52Grinding aids Additives added during grinding C04B2103/54Pigments Dyes C04B2103/56Opacifiers C04B2103/58Shrinkage reducing agents C04B2103/60Agents for protection against chemical, physical or biological attack C04B2103/601Agents for increasing frost resistance C04B2103/603Agents for controlling alkali-aggregate reactions C04B2103/605UV-stabilising agents C04B2103/606Agents for neutralising Ca(OH)2 liberated during cement hardening C04B2103/608Anti-oxidants C04B2103/61Corrosion inhibitors C04B2103/63Flame-proofing agents C04B2103/65Waterproofers or -repellents C04B2103/67Biocides C04B2103/69Fungicides