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Current Industry

Sub Industries

A01D1/00Hand-cutting implements for harvesting A01D11/00Other hand implements A01D13/00Diggers A01D15/00Digging machines with sieve graters but without conveying mechanisms A01D17/00Digging machines with sieving and conveying mechanisms A01D19/00Digging machines with centrifugal wheels, drums or spinners A01D21/00Digging machines with potato-picking implements A01D2101/00Lawn-mowers A01D23/00Topping machines A01D25/00Lifters for beet or like crops A01D27/00Machines with both topping and lifting mechanisms A01D29/00Harvesters for peanuts A01D3/00Non-abrasive sharpening devices for scythes, sickles or the like A01D31/00Other digging harvesters A01D33/00Accessories for digging harvesters A01D34/00Mowers Mowing apparatus of harvesters A01D37/00Reaper-binders A01D39/00Independent binders A01D41/00Combines A01D42/00Mowers convertible to apparatus for purposes other than mowing Mowers capable of performing operations other than mowing A01D43/00Mowers combined with apparatus performing additional operations while mowing A01D44/00Harvesting of underwater plants A01D45/00Harvesting of standing crops A01D46/00Picking of fruits, vegetables, hops, or the like Devices for shaking trees or shrubs A01D47/00Headers for topping of plants A01D5/00Containers for whetstones for use during harvesting A01D51/00Apparatus for gathering together crops spread on the soil A01D57/00Delivering mechanisms for harvesters or mowers A01D59/00Equipment for binding harvested produce A01D61/00Elevators or conveyors for binders or combines A01D63/00Outside dividers A01D65/00Grain-crop lifters A01D67/00Undercarriages or frames specially adapted for harvesters or mowers Mechanisms for adjusting the frame Platforms A01D69/00Driving mechanisms or parts thereof for harvesters or mowers A01D7/00Rakes A01D75/00Accessories for harvesters or mowers A01D76/00Haymakers with tines that are stationary with respect to the machine during operation but that may be liftable for dumping A01D78/00Haymakers with tines moving with respect to the machine A01D80/00Parts or details of , or accessories for, haymakers A01D82/00Crop conditioners A01D84/00Haymakers not provided for in a single one of groups A01D76/00 - A01D82/00 A01D85/00Arrangements for making or setting stacks A01D87/00Loaders for hay or like field crops A01D89/00Pick-ups for loaders, chaff-cutters, balers, field-threshers, or the like A01D9/00Forks A01D90/00Vehicles for carrying harvested crops with means for self-loading or unloading A01D91/00Methods for harvesting agricultural products A01D93/00Harvesting apparatus not provided for in other groups of this subclass