Mowers Mowing apparatus of harvesters


  • CPC
  • A01D34/00
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Sub Industries

A01D34/001Accessories not otherwise provided for A01D34/003Means for cleaning the machine A01D34/005Mulching means A01D34/006Control or measuring arrangements A01D34/008for automated or remotely controlled operation A01D34/01characterised by features relating to the type of cutting apparatus A01D34/015Cutting mechanisms not covered by another group A01D34/02having reciprocating cutters A01D34/03mounted on a vehicle A01D34/032drawn by an animal or a vehicle A01D34/035with cutter bars driven by a power take-off from the vehicle A01D34/037with additional power-supply A01D34/04with cutters at the front A01D34/043for cutting at the side A01D34/046drawn by an animal or a vehicle A01D34/06with cutters at the side A01D34/065drawn by an animal or a vehicle A01D34/07with cutters at the back A01D34/08hand-guided by a walking operator A01D34/10with motor driven cutters or wheels A01D34/125with means for discharging mown material A01D34/13Cutting apparatus A01D34/135having oppositely movable cooperating knife-bars A01D34/14Knife-bars A01D34/145Devices for connecting the knife-bars to the driving mechanism A01D34/16Guides for the knife-bar in the ledger-plate A01D34/17Holding-down devices for the knife A01D34/18Guard fingers Ledger-plates A01D34/20Ledger-plate bars A01D34/22Shoes therefor A01D34/23with additional vertical cutter-bar A01D34/24Lifting devices for the cutter-bar A01D34/243Mechanical lifting devices A01D34/246Hydraulic lifting devices A01D34/26manually actuated A01D34/27Devices for disengaging the knife-driving mechanisms during the lifting of the cutter-bar A01D34/28Adjusting devices for the cutter-bar A01D34/283Adjustment of the cutter bar in a vertical plane A01D34/286Adjustment of the cutter bar on a horizontal plane A01D34/30Driving mechanisms for the cutters A01D34/305Balancing A01D34/32Connecting-rods for knife-driving mechanisms A01D34/33Devices for connecting the rod to the knife-bar A01D34/34Devices for connecting the rod to the crank-pin of the driving mechanism A01D34/36actuated by advance of the machine A01D34/37electric A01D34/38fluid A01D34/40Other details A01D34/404having cutters driven to oscillate in a horizontal plane A01D34/408and cooperating with counter-cutters A01D34/412having rotating cutters A01D34/416Flexible line cutters A01D34/4161Means for feeding cutter line A01D34/4162automatically A01D34/4163by triggered line feedout A01D34/4165Mounting of the cutter head A01D34/4166Mounting or replacement of the lines A01D34/4167Protection devices A01D34/4168Constructional details of the flexible lines A01D34/42having cutters rotating about a horizontal axis A01D34/43mounted on a vehicle A01D34/435Flail harvesters or mowers A01D34/44with two or more cutters A01D34/46hand-guided by a walking operator A01D34/47with motor driven cutters or wheels A01D34/475Driving mechanisms A01D34/49with means for discharging mown material A01D34/52Cutting apparatus A01D34/53Helically shaped cutting members A01D34/535with cutting members pivotally attached to the rotating axle A01D34/54Cutting-height adjustment A01D34/56Driving mechanisms for the cutters A01D34/57actuated by advance of the machine A01D34/58electric A01D34/60fluid A01D34/62Other details A01D34/63having cutters rotating about a vertical axis A01D34/64mounted on a vehicle A01D34/66with two or more cutters A01D34/661Mounting means A01D34/662to the front of the vehicle A01D34/664Disc cutter bars A01D34/665modular A01D34/667Means for directing the cut crop A01D34/668rotating A01D34/67hand-guided by a walking operator A01D34/68with motor driven cutters or wheels A01D34/6806Driving mechanisms A01D34/6812Braking or clutching mechanisms A01D34/6818Motor starting mechanisms A01D34/685with two or more cutters A01D34/69with motor driven wheels A01D34/695supported by an air cushion A01D34/71with means for discharging mown material A01D34/73Cutting apparatus A01D34/733Cutting-blade mounting means A01D34/736Flail type A01D34/74Cutting-height adjustment A01D34/76Driving mechanisms for the cutters A01D34/77actuated by advance of the machine A01D34/78electric A01D34/80fluid A01D34/81Casings Housings A01D34/82Other details A01D34/822Devices for guiding or supporting cables A01D34/824Handle arrangements A01D34/826Noise reduction means A01D34/828Safety devices A01D34/83having cutting members on endless belts or sprocket chains A01D34/831with blades on endless belts A01D34/833with blades on endless sprocket chains A01D34/835specially adapted for particular purposes A01D34/8355for cutting up or crushing remaining standing stalks A01D34/84for edges of lawns or fields A01D34/86for use on sloping ground A01D34/863and for mowing around obstacles A01D34/866Mounting means A01D34/90for carrying by the operator A01D34/902Ergonomic provisions A01D34/905Vibration dampening means