Heating, cooling or ventilating devices


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  • B60H1/00
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Sub Industries

B60H1/00007Combined heating, ventilating, or cooling devices B60H1/00014for load cargos on load transporting vehicles B60H1/00021Air flow details of the heating, ventilating and cooling [HVAC] devices B60H1/00028Constructional lay-out of the devices in the vehicle B60H1/00035for sending an air stream of uniform temperature into the passenger compartment B60H1/00042the air passing only one heat exchanger B60H1/0005the air being firstly cooled and subsequently heated or vice-versa B60H1/00057the air being heated and cooled simultaneously B60H1/00064for sending air streams of different temperatures into the passenger compartment B60H1/00071the air passing only one heat exchanger B60H1/00207characterised by the position of the HVAC devices with respect to the passenger compartment B60H1/0025the devices being independent of the vehicle B60H1/00257Non-transportable devices, disposed outside the vehicle B60H1/00264Transportable devices B60H1/00271Heating, cooling or ventilating devices specially adapted for particular vehicle parts or components and being connected to the vehicle HVAC unit B60H1/00278for the battery B60H1/00285for vehicle seats B60H1/00292for steering wheels B60H1/00314Arrangements permitting a rapid heating of the heating liquid B60H1/00321Heat exchangers for air-conditioning devices B60H1/00328of the liquid-air type B60H1/00335of the gas-air type B60H1/00342of the liquid-liquid type B60H1/00357Air-conditioning arrangements specially adapted for particular vehicles B60H1/00364for caravans or trailers B60H1/00371for vehicles carrying large numbers of passengers B60H1/00378for tractor or load vehicle cabins B60H1/00385for vehicles having an electrical drive B60H1/00392for electric vehicles having only electric drive means B60H1/004for vehicles having a combustion engine and electric drive means B60H1/00407for open or convertible vehicles B60H1/00414for military, emergency, safety or security vehicles B60H1/00421Driving arrangements for parts of a vehicle air-conditioning B60H1/00428electric B60H1/00435fluid or pneumatic B60H1/00442using a vacuum B60H1/0045mechanical power take-offs from the vehicle propulsion unit B60H1/00457Ventilation unit B60H1/00464The ventilator being of the axial type B60H1/00471The ventilator being of the radial type B60H1/00478Air-conditioning devices using the Peltier effect B60H1/00485Valves for air-conditioning devices B60H1/00492characterised by comprising regenerative heating or cooling means B60H1/005Regenerative cooling means B60H1/00507Details B60H1/00514Details of air conditioning housings B60H1/00521Mounting or fastening of components in housings B60H1/00528Connections between housing parts B60H1/00535Mounting or fastening of the housing to the vehicle B60H1/00542Modular assemblies B60H1/0055the housing or parts thereof being integrated in other devices B60H1/00557Details of ducts or cables B60H1/00564of air ducts B60H1/00571of liquid ducts B60H1/00578of bowden wires B60H1/00585Means for monitoring, testing or servicing the air-conditioning B60H1/00592Add-on devices B60H1/00642Control systems or circuits, control members or indication devices for heating, cooling or ventilating devices B60H1/0065Control members B60H1/00657Remote control devices B60H1/00664Construction or arrangement of damper doors B60H1/00671Damper doors moved by rotation ; Grilles B60H1/00678the axis of rotation being in the door plane B60H1/00685the door being a rotating disc or cylinder or part thereof B60H1/00692Damper doors moved by translation B60H1/00735Control systems or circuits characterised by their input, i.e. by the detection, measurement or calculation of particular conditions B60H1/00742by detection of the vehicle occupants' presence; by detection of conditions relating to the body of occupants B60H1/0075the input being solar radiation B60H1/00757by the input of sound B60H1/00764the input being a vehicle driving condition B60H1/00771the input being a vehicle position or surrounding B60H1/00778the input being a stationary vehicle position B60H1/00785by the detection of humidity or frost B60H1/00792Arrangement of detectors B60H1/008the input being air quality B60H1/00807the input being a specific way of measuring or calculating an air or coolant temperature B60H1/00814Control systems or circuits characterised by their output, for controlling particular components of the heating, cooling or ventilating installation B60H1/00821the components being ventilating, air admitting or air distributing devices B60H1/00828Ventilators B60H1/00835Damper doors B60H1/00842the system comprising a plurality of damper doors; Air distribution between several outlets B60H1/00849for selectively commanding the induction of outside or inside air B60H1/00857characterised by the means connecting the initiating means B60H1/00864Ventilators and damper doors B60H1/00871Air directing means B60H1/00878the components being temperature regulating devices B60H1/00885Controlling the flow of heating or cooling liquid B60H1/00892Devices specially adapted for avoiding uncomfortable feeling B60H1/00899Controlling the flow of liquid in a heat pump system B60H1/00907where the flow direction of the refrigerant changes and an evaporator becomes condenser B60H1/00914where the flow direction of the refrigerant does not change and there is a bypass of the condenser B60H1/00921where the flow direction of the refrigerant does not change and there is an extra subcondenser B60H1/00964Control systems or circuits characterised by including features for automatic and non-automatic control B60H1/00971Control systems or circuits characterised by including features for locking or memorising of control modes B60H1/00978Control systems or circuits characterised by failure of detection or safety means; Diagnostic methods B60H1/00985Control systems or circuits characterised by display or indicating devices B60H1/02the heat being derived from the propulsion plant B60H1/025from both the cooling liquid and the exhaust gases of the propulsion plant B60H1/03and from a source other than the propulsion plant B60H1/032from the cooling liquid of the propulsion plant and from a burner B60H1/034from the cooling liquid of the propulsion plant and from an electric heating device B60H1/036from the plant exhaust gases and from a burner B60H1/038from the cooling liquid of the propulsion plant and from a viscous fluid heater B60H1/04from cooling liquid of the plant B60H1/06directly from main radiator B60H1/08from other radiator than main radiator B60H1/10the other radiator being situated in a duct capable of being connected to atmosphere outside vehicle B60H1/12using an air blower B60H1/14otherwise than from cooling liquid of the plant B60H1/143the heat being derived from cooling an electric component B60H1/16the air being heated by direct contact with the plant B60H1/18the air being heated from the plant exhaust gases B60H1/20using an intermediate heat-transferring medium B60H1/22the heat being derived otherwise than from the propulsion plant B60H1/2203the heat being derived from burners B60H1/2206controlling the operation of burners B60H1/2209arrangements of burners for heating an intermediate liquid B60H1/2212arrangements of burners for heating air B60H1/2215the heat being derived from electric heaters B60H1/2218controlling the operation of electric heaters B60H1/2221arrangements of electric heaters for heating an intermediate liquid B60H1/2225arrangements of electric heaters for heating air B60H1/24Devices purely for ventilating or where the heating or cooling is irrelevant B60H1/241characterised by the location of ventilation devices in the vehicle B60H1/242located in the front area B60H1/243located in the lateral area ( B60H1/244located in the rear area B60H1/245located in the roof B60H1/246located in the interior of the vehicle or in or below the floor B60H1/247Disposition of several air-diffusers in a vehicle for ventilation-air circulation in a vehicle cabin B60H1/248Air-extractors, air-evacuation from the vehicle interior B60H1/249using one-way valves B60H1/26Ventilating openings in vehicle exterior Ducts for conveying ventilating air B60H1/262Openings in or on the vehicle roof B60H1/265Openings in window or door past or pillars B60H1/267Openings in or near to vehicle windows B60H1/28the openings being situated directly in front of vehicle front window B60H1/30Air scoops B60H1/32Cooling devices B60H1/3201using absorption or adsorption B60H1/3202using evaporation, i.e. not including a compressor B60H1/3204using compression B60H1/3205Control means therefor B60H1/3207for minimizing the humidity of the air B60H1/3208Vehicle drive related control of the compressor drive means B60H1/321for preventing the freezing of a heat exchanger B60H1/3211for increasing the efficiency of a vehicle refrigeration cycle B60H1/3213for increasing the efficiency in a vehicle heat pump B60H1/3214for improving the lubrication of a refrigerant compressor in a vehicle B60H1/3216for improving a change in operation duty of a compressor in a vehicle B60H1/3217for high pressure, inflamable or poisonous refrigerants causing danger in case of accidents B60H1/3219for improving the response time of a vehicle refrigeration cycle B60H1/322for improving the stop or idling operation of the engine B60H1/3222characterised by the compressor driving arrangements B60H1/3223characterised by the arrangement or type of the compressor B60H1/3225characterised by safety arrangements B60H1/3226Self-contained devices B60H1/3227characterised by the arrangement or the type of heat exchanger B60H1/3229characterised by constructional features B60H1/323characterised by comprising auxiliary or multiple systems B60H1/3232particularly adapted for load transporting vehicles B60H1/3233characterised by condensed liquid drainage means B60H1/3235using sublimation B60H1/34Nozzles Air-diffusers B60H1/3407providing an air stream in a fixed direction B60H1/3414with means for adjusting the air stream direction B60H1/3421using only pivoting shutters B60H1/3428using a set of pivoting shutters and a pivoting frame B60H1/3435using only a pivoting frame B60H1/3442the frame being spherical B60H1/345with means for adjusting divergence, convergence or oscillation of air stream B60H1/3457Outlets providing a vortex