Illuminated signs Luminous advertising


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  • G09F13/00
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Sub Industries

G09F13/005Illumination controller or illuminated signs including an illumination control system G09F13/02Signs, boards, or panels, illuminated by artificial light sources positioned in front of the insignia G09F13/04Signs, boards or panels, illuminated from behind the insignia G09F13/0404the light source being enclosed in a box forming the character of the sign G09F13/0409Arrangements for homogeneous illumination of the display surface G09F13/0413Frames or casing structures therefor G09F13/06using individual cut-out symbols or cut-out silhouettes G09F13/08using both translucent and non-translucent layers G09F13/10using transparencies G09F13/12using a transparent mirror or other light reflecting surface transparent to transmitted light whereby a sign, symbol, picture or other is visible only when illuminated G09F13/14Arrangements of reflectors theron G09F13/16Signs formed of or incorporating reflecting elements or surfaces G09F13/165rotatably or swingatly mounted reflecting elements or surfaces G09F13/18edge-illuminated signs G09F13/20with luminescent surfaces or parts G09F13/22electroluminescent G09F13/24using tubes or the like filled with liquid G09F13/26Signs formed by electric discharge tubes G09F13/28Signs formed by filament-type lamp G09F13/30with moving light sources G09F13/32with moving optical part of parts G09F13/34with light sources co-operating with movable members G09F13/36co-operating with rotating screening means G09F13/42with light sources activated by non-visible radiation G09F13/44with gas as a lighting source G09F13/46Advertising by fireworks