Instruments for performing medical examinations of the interior of cavities or tubes of the body by visual or photographical inspection


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  • A61B1/00
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Sub Industries

A61B1/00002Operational features of endoscopes A61B1/00004characterised by electronic signal processing A61B1/00006of control signals A61B1/00009of image signals A61B1/00011characterised by data transmission A61B1/00013using optical means A61B1/00016using wireless means A61B1/00018using electrical cables A61B1/0002provided with data storages A61B1/00022removable A61B1/00025characterised by power management A61B1/00027characterised by power supply A61B1/00029externally powered A61B1/00032internally powered A61B1/00034rechargeable A61B1/00036Means for power saving A61B1/00039provided with data input arrangements for the user A61B1/00041for user message recording A61B1/00043provided with signal output arrangements A61B1/00045Display arrangement A61B1/00048Constructional features of the display A61B1/0005for multiple images A61B1/00052positioned at proximal end of the endoscope body A61B1/00055for alerting the user A61B1/00057provided with means for testing or calibration A61B1/00059provided with identification means for the endoscope A61B1/00062provided with means for preventing overuse A61B1/00064Constructional details of the endoscope body A61B1/00066Proximal part of endoscope body A61B1/00068Valve switch arrangements A61B1/00071Insertion part of the endoscope body A61B1/00073with externally grooved shaft A61B1/00075with externally roughened shaft A61B1/00078with stiffening means A61B1/0008characterised by distal tip features A61B1/00082Balloons A61B1/00085Baskets A61B1/00087Tools A61B1/00089Hoods A61B1/00091Nozzles A61B1/00094Suction openings A61B1/00096Optical elements A61B1/00098Deflecting means for inserted tools A61B1/00101the distal tip features being detachable A61B1/00103designed for single use A61B1/00105characterised by modular construction A61B1/00108characterised by self-sufficient functionality for stand-alone use A61B1/0011Manufacturing of endoscope parts A61B1/00112Connection or coupling means A61B1/00114Electrical cables for connection to external units A61B1/00117Optical cables A61B1/00119Tubes or pipes A61B1/00121Connectors, fasteners and adapters A61B1/00124electrical A61B1/00126optical A61B1/00128mechanical A61B1/00131Accessories for endoscopes A61B1/00133Drive units A61B1/00135Oversleeves A61B1/00137End pieces A61B1/0014Fastening elements for attaching accessories to the outside of an endoscope shaft A61B1/00142with means for preventing contamination A61B1/00144Hygienic packaging A61B1/00147Holding or positioning arrangements A61B1/00149using articulated arms A61B1/00151using everted tubes A61B1/00154using guide tubes A61B1/00156using self propulsion A61B1/00158using magnetic field A61B1/0016using motor drive units A61B1/00163Optical arrangements A61B1/00165with light-conductive means A61B1/00167Details of optical fibre bundles A61B1/0017Details of single optical fibres A61B1/00172with means for scanning A61B1/00174characterised by the viewing angles A61B1/00177for 90 degrees side-viewing A61B1/00179for off-axis viewing A61B1/00181for multiple fixed viewing angles A61B1/00183for variable viewing angles A61B1/00186with imaging filters A61B1/00188with focusing or zooming features A61B1/0019characterised by variable lenses A61B1/00193adapted for stereoscopic vision A61B1/00195with eyepieces A61B1/00197characterised by multiple eyepieces A61B1/002having rod-lens arrangements A61B1/005Flexible endoscopes A61B1/0051with controlled bending of insertion part A61B1/0052Constructional details of control elements A61B1/0053using distributed actuators A61B1/0055Constructional details of insertion parts A61B1/0056the insertion parts being asymmetric A61B1/0057Constructional details of force transmission elements A61B1/0058using shape-memory elements A61B1/008Articulations A61B1/01Guiding arrangements therefore A61B1/012characterised by internal passages or accessories therefor A61B1/0125Endoscope within endoscope A61B1/015Control of fluid supply or evacuation A61B1/018for receiving instruments A61B1/04combined with photographic or television appliances A61B1/041Capsule endoscopes for imaging A61B1/042characterised by a proximal camera A61B1/043for fluorescence imaging A61B1/045Control therefor A61B1/05characterised by the image sensor A61B1/051Details of CCD assembly A61B1/053being detachable A61B1/055having rod-lens arrangements A61B1/06with illuminating arrangements A61B1/0607for annular illumination A61B1/0615for radial illumination A61B1/0623for off-axis illumination A61B1/063for monochromatic illumination A61B1/0638providing two or more wavelengths A61B1/0646with illumination filters A61B1/0653with wavelength conversion A61B1/0661Endoscope light sources A61B1/0669at proximal end of an endoscope A61B1/0676at distal tip of an endoscope A61B1/0684using light emitting diodes [LED] A61B1/0692head mounted A61B1/07using light-conductive means A61B1/12with cooling or rinsing arrangements A61B1/121provided with means for cleaning post-use A61B1/122using cleaning tools A61B1/123using washing machines A61B1/125using fluid circuits A61B1/126provided with means for cleaning in-use A61B1/127with means for preventing fogging A61B1/128provided with means for regulating temperature A61B1/227for ears A61B1/2275with controlled air pressure A61B1/233for the nose, i.e. nasoscopes A61B1/24for the mouth, i.e. stomatoscopes A61B1/247with means for viewing areas outside the direct line of sight A61B1/253with means for preventing fogging A61B1/267for the respiratory tract A61B1/2673for monitoring movements of vocal chords A61B1/2676Bronchoscopes A61B1/273for the upper alimentary canal A61B1/2733Oesophagoscopes A61B1/2736Gastroscopes A61B1/303for the vagina A61B1/307for the urinary organs A61B1/31for the rectum A61B1/313for introducing through surgical openings A61B1/3132for laparoscopy A61B1/3135for examination of the epidural or the spinal space A61B1/3137for examination of the interior of blood vessels A61B1/317for bones or joints A61B1/32Devices for opening or enlarging the visual field