Instruments, implements or accessories specially adapted for surgery or diagnosis and not covered by any of the groups A61B1/00 - A61B50/00


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  • A61B90/00
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Sub Industries

A61B90/02Devices for expanding tissue A61B90/03Automatic limiting or abutting means A61B90/04Protection of tissue around surgical sites against effects of non-mechanical surgery A61B90/05Splash shields for protection of the surgeon A61B90/06Measuring instruments not otherwise provided for A61B90/08Accessories or related features not otherwise provided for A61B90/10for stereotaxic surgery A61B90/11with guides for needles or instruments A61B90/13guided by light A61B90/14Fixators for body parts A61B90/16Bite blocks A61B90/17for soft tissue A61B90/18Retaining sheets A61B90/20Surgical microscopes characterised by non-optical aspects A61B90/25Supports therefor A61B90/30Devices for illuminating a surgical field, the devices having an interrelation with other surgical devices or with a surgical procedure A61B90/35Supports therefor A61B90/36Image-producing devices or illumination devices not otherwise provided for A61B90/361Image-producing devices A61B90/37Surgical systems with images on a monitor during operation A61B90/39Markers A61B90/40Apparatus fixed or close to patients specially adapted for providing an aseptic surgical environment A61B90/50Supports for surgical instruments A61B90/53connected to the surgeon’s body A61B90/57Accessory clamps A61B90/60Supports for surgeons A61B90/70Cleaning devices specially adapted for surgical instruments A61B90/80Implements for cleaning or washing the skin of surgeons or patients A61B90/90Identification means for patients or instruments A61B90/92coded with colour A61B90/94coded with symbols A61B90/96using barcodes A61B90/98using electromagnetic means