Insulated conductors or cables characterised by their form


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  • H01B7/00
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Sub Industries

H01B7/0009Details relating to the conductive cores H01B7/0018Strip or foil conductors H01B7/0027Liquid conductors H01B7/0036Alkali metal conductors H01B7/0045Cable-harnesses H01B7/0054Cables with incorporated electric resistances H01B7/0063Ignition cables H01B7/0072Electrical cables comprising fluid supply conductors H01B7/0081Cables of rigid construction H01B7/009Cables with built-in connecting points or with predetermined areas for making deviations H01B7/02Disposition of insulation H01B7/0208Cables with several layers of insulating material H01B7/0216Two layers H01B7/0225Three or more layers H01B7/0233Cables with a predominant gas dielectric H01B7/0241comprising one or more helical wrapped layers of insulation H01B7/025comprising in addition one or more other layers of non-helical wrapped insulation H01B7/0258comprising one or more longitudinal lapped layers of insulation H01B7/0266comprising one or more braided layers of insulation H01B7/0275comprising one or more extruded layers of insulation H01B7/0283comprising in addition one or more other layers of non-extruded insulation H01B7/0291comprising two or more layers of insulation having different electrical properties H01B7/04Flexible cables, conductors, or cords H01B7/041attached to mobile objects H01B7/043attached to flying objects H01B7/045attached to marine objects H01B7/046attached to objects sunk in bore holes H01B7/048for implantation into a human or animal body H01B7/06Extensible conductors or cables H01B7/065having the shape of an helix H01B7/08Flat or ribbon cables H01B7/0807Twin conductor or cable H01B7/0815covered with gluten for wall-fixing H01B7/0823Parallel wires, incorporated in a flat insulating profile H01B7/083Parallel wires, incorporated in a fabric H01B7/0838Parallel wires, sandwiched between two insulating layers H01B7/0846Parallel wires, fixed upon a support layer H01B7/0853Juxtaposed parallel wires, fixed to each other without a support layer H01B7/0861comprising one or more screens H01B7/0869comprising one or more armouring, tensile- or compression-resistant elements H01B7/0876comprising twisted pairs H01B7/0884comprising connection wire loops H01B7/0892incorporated in a cable of non-flat configuration H01B7/10Contact cables H01B7/102responsive to heat H01B7/104responsive to pressure H01B7/106comprising concentric conductors H01B7/108comprising parallel conductors H01B7/12Floating cables H01B7/14Submarine cables H01B7/145associated with hydrodynamic bodies H01B7/16Rigid-tube cables H01B7/17Protection against damage caused by external factors H01B7/18Protection against damage caused by wear, mechanical force or pressure; Sheaths; Armouring H01B7/1805Protections not provided for in groups H01B7/182 - H01B7/26 H01B7/181composed of beads or rings H01B7/1815composed of longitudinal inserts H01B7/182comprising synthetic filaments H01B7/1825forming part of a high tensile strength core H01B7/183forming part of an outer sheath H01B7/1835Sheaths comprising abrasive charges H01B7/184Sheaths comprising grooves, ribs or other projections H01B7/1845Sheaths comprising perforations H01B7/185Sheaths comprising internal cavities or channels H01B7/1855Sheaths comprising helical wrapped non-metallic layers H01B7/186Sheaths comprising longitudinal lapped non-metallic layers H01B7/1865Sheaths comprising braided non-metallic layers H01B7/187Sheaths comprising extruded non-metallic layers H01B7/1875Multi-layer sheaths H01B7/188Inter-layer adherence promoting means H01B7/1885Inter-layer adherence preventing means H01B7/189Radial force absorbing layers providing a cushioning effect H01B7/1895Internal space filling-up means H01B7/20Metal tubes H01B7/201Extruded metal tubes H01B7/202Longitudinal lapped metal tubes H01B7/204composed of lead H01B7/205composed of aluminium H01B7/207composed of iron or steel H01B7/208composed of composite laminated metals H01B7/22Metal wires or tapes H01B7/221Longitudinally placed metal wires or tapes H01B7/223forming part of a high tensile strength core H01B7/225forming part of an outer sheath H01B7/226Helicoidally wound metal wires or tapes H01B7/228Metal braid H01B7/24Devices affording localised protection against mechanical force or pressure H01B7/26Reduction of losses in sheaths or armouring H01B7/28Protection against damage caused by moisture, corrosion, chemical attack or weather H01B7/2806Protection against damage caused by corrosion H01B7/2813Protection against damage caused by electrical, chemical or water tree deterioration H01B7/282Preventing penetration of fluid H01B7/2825using a water impermeable sheath H01B7/285by completely or partially filling interstices in the cable H01B7/2855using foamed plastic H01B7/288using hygroscopic material or material swelling in the presence of liquid H01B7/29Protection against damage caused by extremes of temperature or by flame H01B7/292using material resistant to heat H01B7/295using material resistant to flame H01B7/30with arrangements for reducing conductor losses when carrying alternating current H01B7/303Conductors comprising interwire insulation H01B7/306Transposed conductors H01B7/32with arrangements for indicating defects H01B7/322comprising humidity sensing means H01B7/324comprising temperature sensing means H01B7/326comprising pressure sensing means H01B7/328comprising violation sensing means H01B7/36with distinguishing or length marks H01B7/361being the colour of the insulation or conductor H01B7/363being the form of the insulation or conductor H01B7/365being indicia imposed on the insulation or conductor H01B7/366being a tape, thread or wire extending the full length of the conductor or cable H01B7/368being a sleeve, ferrule, tag, clip, label or short length strip H01B7/38with arrangements for facilitating removal of insulation H01B7/385comprising a rip cord or wire H01B7/40with arrangements for facilitating mounting or securing H01B7/42with arrangements for heat dissipation or conduction H01B7/421for heat dissipation H01B7/423using a cooling fluid H01B7/425the construction being bendable H01B7/426using cooling fins, ribs H01B7/428Heat conduction