Layered products essentially comprising sheet glass, or glass, slag, or like fibres


  • CPC
  • B32B17/00
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Sub Industries

B32B17/02in the form of fibres or filaments B32B17/04bonded with or embedded in a plastic substance B32B17/06comprising glass as the main or only constituent of a layer, next to another layer of a specific material B32B17/061metal B32B17/062wood B32B17/063rubber B32B17/064synthetic resin B32B17/065paper or cardboard B32B17/066foam B32B17/067fibres or filaments B32B17/068particulate matter B32B17/069intumescent layers B32B17/08of cellulosic plastic substance or gelatin B32B17/10of synthetic resin B32B17/10009characterized by the number, the constitution or treatment of glass sheets B32B17/10018comprising only one glass sheet B32B17/10027the glass sheet not being an outer layer B32B17/10036comprising two outer glass sheet B32B17/10045at least one intermediate layer consisting of a glass sheet B32B17/10055at least one intermediate air space B32B17/10064comprising at least two glass sheets, only one of which being an outer layer B32B17/10073comprising at least two glass sheets, neither of which being an outer layer B32B17/10082Properties of the bulk of a glass sheet B32B17/10091thermally hardened B32B17/101having a predetermined coefficient of thermal expansion [CTE] B32B17/1011having predetermined tint or excitation purity B32B17/10119having a composition deviating from the basic composition of soda-lime glass B32B17/10128Treatment of at least one glass sheet B32B17/10137Chemical strengthening B32B17/10146Face treatment B32B17/10155Edge treatment, chamfering B32B17/10165particular functional features of the laminated glazing B32B17/10174Coatings of a metallic or dielectric material on a constituent layer of glass or polymer B32B17/10183being not continuous B32B17/10192patterned in the form of columns or grids B32B17/10201Dielectric coatings B32B17/10211Doped dielectric layer, electrically conductive B32B17/1022Metallic coatings B32B17/10229Metallic layers sandwiched by dielectric layers B32B17/10238in the form of particles B32B17/10247containing decorations or patterns for aesthetic reasons; metal wires for this purpose B32B17/10422 B32B17/10256created by printing techniques B32B17/10266on glass pane B32B17/10275on interlayer B32B17/10284on intermediate layer B32B17/10293Edge features B32B17/10302Edge sealing B32B17/10311Intumescent layers for fire protection B32B17/10321containing liquid layers B32B17/1033containing temporary protective coatings or layers B32B17/10339Specific parts of the laminated glazing being colored or tinted B32B17/10348comprising an obscuration band B32B17/10357comprising a tinted intermediate film B32B17/10366Reinforcements of the laminated glazing against impact or intrusion; metal wires for this purpose B32B17/10412 B32B17/10376containing metal wires B32B17/10385for Ohmic resistance heating B32B17/10394Alarm wires B32B17/10403for radiation shielding B32B17/10412for reinforcement B32B17/10422for aesthetic reasons B32B17/10431Devices for the modulation of light incorporated into the laminated glazing B32B17/1044Invariable transmission B32B17/10449Wavelength selective transmission B32B17/10458Polarization selective transmission B32B17/10467Variable transmission B32B17/10477thermochromic B32B17/10486photochromic B32B17/10495optoelectronic B32B17/10504liquid crystal layer B32B17/10513electrochromic layer B32B17/10522electrophoretic layer B32B17/10532suspended particle layer B32B17/10541The laminated glazing acting as an illumination device B32B17/1055characterized by the resin layer B32B17/10559Shape of the cross-section B32B17/10568varying in thickness B32B17/10577Surface roughness B32B17/10587created by embossing B32B17/10596created by melt fracture B32B17/10605Type of plasticizer B32B17/10614comprising particulate matter for purposes other than dyeing B32B17/10623Whitening agents reflecting visible light B32B17/10633Infrared radiation absorbing or reflecting agents B32B17/10642Thermally conductive agents B32B17/10651comprising colorants B32B17/1066imparting a tint in certain regions only B32B17/10669Luminescent agents B32B17/10678comprising UV absorbers or stabilizers B32B17/10688Adjustment of the adherence to the glass layers B32B17/10697being cross-linked B32B17/10706being photo-polymerized B32B17/10715containing polyether B32B17/10724containing polyamide B32B17/10733containing epoxy B32B17/10743containing acrylate (co)polymers or salts thereof B32B17/10752containing polycarbonate B32B17/10761containing vinyl acetal B32B17/1077containing polyurethane B32B17/10779containing polyester B32B17/10788containing ethylene vinylacetate B32B17/10798containing silicone B32B17/10807Making layered products containing glass and synthetic resin layers; apparatus therefor B32B17/10816by pressing B32B17/10825isostatic pressing B32B17/10834using a fluid B32B17/10844using a membrane between the layered product and the fluid B32B17/10853the membrane being bag-shaped B32B17/10862using pressing-rolls B32B17/10871in combination with particular heat treatment B32B17/1088by superposing a plurality of layered products B32B17/10889shaping the sheets B32B17/10899by introducing interlayers of synthetic resin B32B17/10908in liquid form B32B17/10917between two pre-positioned glass layers B32B17/10926by spraying B32B17/10935as a preformed layer B32B17/10944in powder form B32B17/10954by using an aligning laminating device B32B17/10963specially adapted for repairing the layered products B32B17/10972Degassing during the lamination B32B17/10981Pre-treatment of the layers B32B17/1099After-treatment of the layered product