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  • B32B

Sub Industries

B32B1/00Layered products having a general shape other than plane B32B11/00Layered products comprising a layer of bituminous or tarry substances B32B13/00Layered products comprising a a layer of water-setting substance B32B15/00Layered products comprising a layer of metal B32B17/00Layered products essentially comprising sheet glass, or glass, slag, or like fibres B32B18/00Laminated products composed mainly of ceramics B32B19/00Layered products comprising a layer of natural mineral fibres or particles B32B21/00Layered products comprising a layer of wood B32B2250/00Layers arrangement B32B2255/00Coating on the layer surface B32B2260/00Impregnation or embedding of a layer Bonding a fibrous, filamentary or particulate layer by using a binder B32B2262/00Composition of fibres which form a fibrous or filamentary layer or are present as additives B32B2264/00Composition of particles which form a particulate layer or are present as additives B32B2266/00Composition of foam B32B2270/00Resin or rubber layer containing a blend of at least two different polymers B32B2272/00Resin or rubber layer comprising scrap, waste or recycling material B32B2274/00Thermoplastic elastomer material B32B23/00Layered products comprising a layer of cellulosic plastic substances , i.e. substances obtained by chemical modification of cellulose B32B2305/00Condition, form or state of the layers or laminate B32B2307/00Properties of the layers or laminate B32B2309/00Parameters for the laminating or treatment process Apparatus details B32B2310/00Treatment by energy or chemical effects B32B2311/00Metals, their alloys or their compounds B32B2313/00Elements other than metals B32B2315/00Other materials containing non-metallic inorganic compounds not provided for in groups B32B2311/00 - B32B2313/04 B32B2317/00Animal or vegetable based B32B2318/00Mineral based B32B2319/00Synthetic rubber B32B2323/00Polyalkenes B32B2325/00Polymers of vinyl-aromatic compounds B32B2327/00Polyvinylhalogenides B32B2329/00Polyvinylalcohols, polyvinylethers, polyvinylaldehydes, polyvinylketones or polyvinylketals B32B2331/00Polyvinylesters B32B2333/00Polymers of unsaturated acids or derivatives thereof B32B2355/00Specific polymers obtained by polymerisation reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds, not provided for in a single one of index codes B32B2323/00 - B32B2333/00 B32B2361/00Phenoplast, aminoplast B32B2363/00Epoxy resins B32B2367/00Polyesters, e.g. PET B32B2369/00Polycarbonates B32B2371/00Polyethers, e.g. PEEK B32B2375/00Polyureas Polyurethanes B32B2377/00Polyamides B32B2379/00Other polymers having nitrogen, with or without oxygen or carbon only, in the main chain B32B2383/00Polysiloxanes B32B2386/00Specific polymers obtained by polycondensation or polyaddition not provided for in a single one of index codes B32B2363/00 - B32B2383/00 B32B2391/00Waxes B32B2395/00Bituminous material B32B2398/00Unspecified macromolecular compounds B32B2405/00Adhesive articles B32B2410/00Agriculture-related articles B32B2413/00Belts B32B2419/00Buildings or parts thereof B32B2425/00Cards B32B2429/00Carriers for sound or information B32B2432/00Cleaning articles B32B2433/00Closed loop articles B32B2435/00Closures, end caps, stoppers B32B2437/00Clothing B32B2439/00Containers Receptacles B32B2451/00Decorative or ornamental articles B32B2457/00Electrical equipment B32B2459/00Nets B32B2471/00Floor coverings B32B2475/00Frictional elements B32B2479/00Furniture B32B25/00Layered products comprising a layer of natural or synthetic rubber B32B2509/00Household appliances B32B2519/00Labels, badges B32B2535/00Medical equipment B32B2551/00Optical elements B32B2553/00Packaging equipment or accessories not otherwise provided for B32B2554/00Paper of special types B32B2555/00Personal care B32B2556/00Patches B32B2559/00Photographic equipment or accessories B32B2571/00Protective equipment B32B2581/00Seals Sealing equipment Gaskets B32B2590/00Signboards, advertising panels, road signs B32B2597/00Tubular articles B32B2601/00Upholstery B32B2603/00Vanes, blades, propellers, rotors with blades B32B2605/00Vehicles B32B2607/00Walls, panels B32B27/00Layered products comprising a layer of synthetic resin B32B29/00Layered products comprising a layer of paper or cardboard B32B3/00Layered products comprising a layer with external or internal discontinuities or unevennesses, or a layer of non-planar form ; Layered products having particular features of form B32B33/00Layered products characterised by particular properties or particular surface features B32B37/00Methods or apparatus for laminating B32B38/00Ancillary operations in connection with laminating processes B32B39/00Layout of apparatus or plants B32B41/00Arrangements for controlling or monitoring lamination processes Safety arrangements B32B43/00Operations specially adapted for layered products and not otherwise provided for B32B5/00Layered products characterised by the non- homogeneity or physical structure B32B7/00Layered products characterised by the relation between layers B32B9/00Layered products comprising a particular substance not covered by groups B32B11/00 - B32B29/00