Details of coupling devices of the kinds covered by groups H01R12/70 or H01R24/00-H01R33/00


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  • H01R13/00
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Sub Industries

H01R13/005Electrical coupling combined with fluidic coupling H01R13/02Contact members H01R13/025formed by the conductors of a cable end H01R13/03characterised by the material H01R13/035Plated dielectric material H01R13/04Pins or blades for co-operation with sockets H01R13/05Resilient pins or blades H01R13/052co-operating with sockets having a circular transverse section H01R13/055co-operating with sockets having a rectangular transverse section H01R13/057co-operating with sockets having a square transverse section H01R13/08Resiliently-mounted rigid pins or blades H01R13/10Sockets for co-operation with pins or blades H01R13/11Resilient sockets H01R13/111co-operating with pins having a circular transverse section H01R13/112forked sockets having two legs H01R13/113co-operating with pins or blades having a rectangular transverse section H01R13/114co-operating with pins or blades having a square transverse section H01R13/115U-shaped sockets having inwardly bent legs H01R13/14Resiliently-mounted rigid sockets H01R13/15Pins, blades or sockets having separate spring member for producing or increasing contact pressure H01R13/17with spring member on the pin H01R13/18with the spring member surrounding the socket H01R13/187with spring member in the socket H01R13/193Means for increasing contact pressure at the end of engagement of coupling part H01R13/20Pins, blades, or sockets shaped, or provided with separate member, to retain co-operating parts together H01R13/207by screw-in connection H01R13/213by bayonet connection H01R13/22Contacts for co-operating by abutting H01R13/24resilient resiliently-mounted H01R13/2407characterized by the resilient means H01R13/2414conductive elastomers H01R13/2421using coil springs H01R13/2428using meander springs H01R13/2435with opposite contact points H01R13/2442with a single cantilevered beam H01R13/245by stamped-out resilient contact arm H01R13/2457consisting of at least two resilient arms contacting the same counterpart H01R13/2464characterized by the contact point H01R13/2471pin shaped H01R13/2478spherical H01R13/2485for contacting a ball H01R13/2492multiple contact points H01R13/26Pin or blade contacts for sliding co-operation on one side only H01R13/28Contacts for sliding cooperation with identically-shaped contact H01R13/33Contact members made of resilient wire H01R13/35for non-simultaneous co-operation with different types of contact member H01R13/40Securing contact members in or to a base or case Insulating of contact members H01R13/405Securing in non-demountable manner H01R13/41by frictional grip in grommet, panel or base H01R13/415by permanent deformation of contact member H01R13/42Securing in a demountable manner H01R13/422Securing in resilient one-piece base or case H01R13/4223comprising integral flexible contact retaining fingers H01R13/4226comprising two or more integral flexible retaining fingers acting on a single contact H01R13/424Securing in base or case composed of a plurality of insulating parts having at least one resilient insulating part H01R13/426Securing by a separate resilient retaining piece supported by base or case H01R13/428by resilient locking means on the contact members by locking means on resilient contact members H01R13/432by stamped-out resilient tongue snapping behind shoulder in base or case H01R13/434by separate resilient locking means on contact member H01R13/436Securing a plurality of contact members by one locking piece or operation H01R13/4361Insertion of locking piece perpendicular to direction of contact insertion H01R13/4362comprising a temporary and a final locking position H01R13/4364Insertion of locking piece from the front H01R13/4365comprising a temporary and a final locking position H01R13/4367Insertion of locking piece from the rear H01R13/4368comprising a temporary and a final locking position H01R13/44Means for preventing access to live contacts H01R13/443Dummy Plugs H01R13/447Shutter or cover plate H01R13/453Shutter or cover plate opened by engagement of counterpart H01R13/4532Rotating shutter H01R13/4534Laterally sliding shutter H01R13/4536Inwardly pivoting shutter H01R13/4538Covers sliding or withdrawing in the direction of engagement H01R13/46Bases Cases H01R13/465Identification means H01R13/50formed as an integral body H01R13/501comprising an integral hinge or a frangible part H01R13/502composed of different pieces H01R13/5025one or more pieces being of resilient material H01R13/504different pieces being moulded, cemented, welded H01R13/5045different pieces being assembled by press-fit H01R13/506assembled by snap action of the parts H01R13/508assembled by a separate clip or spring H01R13/512assembled by screw or screws H01R13/514composed as a modular blocks or assembly H01R13/516Means for holding or embracing insulating body H01R13/518for holding or embracing several coupling parts H01R13/52Dustproof, splashproof, drip-proof, waterproof, or flameproof cases H01R13/5202Sealing means between parts of housing or between housing part and a wall H01R13/5205Sealing means between cable and housing H01R13/5208having at least two cable receiving openings H01R13/521Sealing between contact members and housing H01R13/5213Covers H01R13/5216characterised by the sealing material H01R13/5219Sealing means between coupling parts H01R13/5221having cable sealing means H01R13/5224for medical use H01R13/5227with evacuation of penetrating liquids H01R13/523for use under water H01R13/527Flameproof cases H01R13/53Bases or cases for heavy duty Bases or cases for high voltage with means for preventing corona or arcing H01R13/533Bases, cases made for use in extreme conditions H01R13/56Means for preventing chafing or fracture of flexible leads at outlet from coupling part H01R13/562Bending-relieving H01R13/565Torsion-relieving H01R13/567Traverse cable outlet or wire connection H01R13/58Means for relieving strain on wire connection H01R13/5804comprising a separate cable clamping part H01R13/5808formed by a metallic element crimped around the cable H01R13/5812the cable clamping being achieved by mounting the separate part on the housing of the coupling device H01R13/5816for cables passing through an aperture in a housing wall, the separate part being captured between cable and contour of aperture H01R13/582the cable being clamped between assembled parts of the housing H01R13/5825the means comprising additional parts captured between housing parts and cable H01R13/5829the clamping part being flexibly or hingedly connected to the housing H01R13/5833the cable being forced in a tortuous or curved path H01R13/5837specially adapted for accommodating various sized cables H01R13/5841allowing different orientations of the cable with respect to the coupling direction H01R13/5845the strain relief being achieved by molding parts around cable and connections H01R13/585Grip increasing with strain force H01R13/59Threaded ferrule or bolt operating in a direction parallel to the cable or wire H01R13/595Bolts operating in a direction transverse to the cable or wire H01R13/60Means for supporting coupling part when not engaged H01R13/62Means for facilitating engagement or disengagement of coupling parts or for holding them in engagement H01R13/6205Two-part coupling devices held in engagement by a magnet H01R13/621Bolt, set screw or screw clamp H01R13/6215using one or more bolts H01R13/622Screw-ring or screw-casing H01R13/623Casing or ring with helicoidal groove H01R13/625Casing or ring with bayonet engagement H01R13/627Snap or like fastening H01R13/6271Latching means integral with the housing H01R13/6272comprising a single latching arm H01R13/6273comprising two latching arms H01R13/6275Latching arms not integral with the housing H01R13/6276comprising one or more balls engaging in a hole or a groove H01R13/6277comprising annular latching means H01R13/6278comprising a pin snapping into a recess H01R13/629Additional means for facilitating engagement or disengagement of coupling parts H01R13/62905comprising a camming member H01R13/62911U-shaped sliding element H01R13/62916Single camming plate H01R13/62922Pair of camming plates H01R13/62927Comprising supplementary or additional locking means H01R13/62933Comprising exclusively pivoting lever H01R13/62938Pivoting lever comprising own camming means H01R13/62944Pivoting lever comprising gear teeth H01R13/6295Pivoting lever comprising means indicating incorrect coupling of mating connectors H01R13/62955Pivoting lever comprising supplementary/additional locking means H01R13/62961Pivoting lever having extendable handle H01R13/62966Comprising two pivoting levers H01R13/62972Wherein the pivoting levers are two lever plates H01R13/62977Pivoting levers actuating linearly camming means H01R13/62983Linear camming means or pivoting lever for connectors for flexible or rigid printed circuit boards, flat or ribbon cables H01R13/62988Lever acting directly on flexible or rigid printed circuit boards, flat or ribbon cables H01R13/62994Lever acting on a connector mounted onto the flexible or rigid printed circuit boards, flat or ribbon cables H01R13/631for engagement only H01R13/6315allowing relative movement between coupling parts H01R13/633for disengagement only H01R13/6335comprising a handle H01R13/635by mechanical pressure H01R13/637by fluid pressure H01R13/639Additional means for holding or locking coupling parts together, after engagement H01R13/6392for extension cord H01R13/6395for wall or panel outlets H01R13/6397with means for preventing unauthorised use H01R13/64Means for preventing incorrect coupling H01R13/641by indicating incorrect coupling by indicating correct or full engagement H01R13/642by position or shape of contact members H01R13/645by exchangeable elements on case or base H01R13/6453comprising pin-shaped elements, capable of being orientated in different angular positions around their own longitudinal axes H01R13/6456comprising keying elements at different positions along the periphery of the connector H01R13/646Specially adapted for high-frequency H01R13/6461Means for preventing cross-talk H01R13/6463using twisted pairs of wires H01R13/6464by adding capacitive elements H01R13/6466on substrates H01R13/6467by cross-over of signal conductors H01R13/6469on substrates H01R13/6471by special arrangement of ground and signal conductors H01R13/6473Impedance matching H01R13/6474by variation of conductive properties H01R13/6476by making an aperture H01R13/6477by variation of dielectric properties H01R13/648Protective earth or shield arrangements on coupling devices H01R13/6485Electrostatic discharge protection H01R13/652with earth pin, blade or socket H01R13/655with earth brace H01R13/658High frequency shielding arrangements H01R13/65802with resilient grounding means H01R13/65805using dielectric material made conductive H01R13/65807and comprising shielding between neighboring signal paths H01R13/6581Shield structure H01R13/6582with resilient means for engaging mating connector H01R13/6583with separate conductive resilient members between mating shield members H01R13/6584formed by conductive elastomeric members H01R13/6585Shielding material individually surrounding or interposed between mutually spaced contacts H01R13/6586for separating multiple connector modules H01R13/6587for mounting on PCBs H01R13/6588with through openings for individual contacts H01R13/6589with wires separated by conductive housing parts H01R13/659with plural ports for distinct connectors H01R13/6591Specific features or arrangements of connection of shield to conductive members H01R13/6592the conductive member being a shielded cable H01R13/6593the shield being composed of different pieces H01R13/6594the shield being mounted on a PCB and connected to conductive members H01R13/6595with separate members fixing the shield to the PCB H01R13/6596the conductive member being a metal grounding panel H01R13/6597the conductive member being a contact of the connector H01R13/6598Shield material H01R13/6599Dielectric material made conductive H01R13/66Structural association with built-in electrical component H01R13/6608with built-in single component H01R13/6616with resistor H01R13/6625with capacitive component H01R13/6633with inductive component H01R13/6641with diode H01R13/665with built-in electronic circuit H01R13/6658on printed circuit board H01R13/6666with built-in overvoltage protection H01R13/6675with built-in power supply H01R13/6683with built-in sensor H01R13/6691with built-in signalling means H01R13/68with built-in fuse H01R13/684the fuse being removable H01R13/688with housing part adapted for accessing the fuse H01R13/692Turnable housing part H01R13/696the fuse being integral with the terminal H01R13/70with built-in switch H01R13/701the switch being actuated by an accessory H01R13/703operated by engagement or disengagement of coupling parts H01R13/7031Shorting, shunting or bussing of different terminals interrupted or effected on engagement of coupling part H01R13/7032making use of a separate bridging element directly cooperating with the terminals H01R13/7033making use of elastic extensions of the terminals H01R13/7034the terminals being in direct electric contact separated by double sided connecting element H01R13/7035comprising a separated limit switch H01R13/7036the switch being in series with coupling part H01R13/7037making use of a magnetically operated switch H01R13/7038making use of a remote controlled switch H01R13/7039the coupling part with coding means activating the switch to establish different circuits H01R13/707interlocked with contact members or counterpart H01R13/71Contact members of coupling parts operating as switch H01R13/713the switch being a safety switch H01R13/7132having ejecting mechanisms H01R13/7135with ground fault protector H01R13/7137with thermal interrupter H01R13/717with built-in light source H01R13/7172Conduits for light transmission H01R13/7175Light emitting diodes (LEDs) H01R13/7177filament or neon bulb H01R13/719specially adapted for high frequency H01R13/7193with ferrite filters H01R13/7195with planar filters with openings for contacts H01R13/7197with filters integral with or fitted onto contacts H01R13/72Means for accommodating flexible lead within the holder H01R13/73Means for mounting coupling parts to apparatus or structures H01R13/74Means for mounting coupling parts in openings of a panel H01R13/741using snap fastening means H01R13/743integral with the housing H01R13/745separate from the housing H01R13/746using a screw ring H01R13/748using one or more screws