Methods, circuits, or devices for controlling the traction-motor speed of electrically-propelled vehicles


  • CPC
  • B60L15/00
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Sub Industries

B60L15/002for control of propulsion for monorail vehicles, suspension vehicles or rack railways; for control of magnetic suspension or levitation for vehicles for propulsion purposes B60L15/005for control of propulsion for vehicles propelled by linear motors B60L15/007Physical arrangements or structures of drive train converters specially adapted for the propulsion motors of electric vehicles B60L15/02characterised by the form of the current used in the control circuit B60L15/025using field orientation; Vector control; Direct Torque Control [DTC] B60L15/04using dc B60L15/06using substantially sinusoidal ac B60L15/08using pulses B60L15/10for automatic control superimposed on human control to limit the acceleration of the vehicle B60L15/12with circuits controlled by relays or contactors B60L15/14with main controller driven by a servomotor B60L15/16with main controller driven through a ratchet mechanism B60L15/18without contact making and breaking B60L15/20for control of the vehicle or its driving motor to achieve a desired performance B60L15/2009for braking B60L15/2018for braking on a slope B60L15/2027whilst maintaining constant speed B60L15/2036Electric differentials B60L15/2045for optimising the use of energy B60L15/2054by controlling transmissions or clutches B60L15/2063for creeping B60L15/2072for drive off B60L15/2081for drive off on a slope B60L15/209for overtaking B60L15/22with sequential operation of interdependent switches B60L15/24with main controller driven by a servomotor B60L15/26with main controller driven through a ratchet mechanism B60L15/28without contact making and breaking B60L15/30with means to change over to human control B60L15/32Control or regulation of multiple-unit electrically-propelled vehicles B60L15/34with human control of a setting device B60L15/36with automatic control superimposed B60L15/38with automatic control B60L15/40Adaptation of control equipment on vehicle for remote actuation from a stationary place B60L15/42Adaptation of control equipment on vehicle for actuation from alternative parts of the vehicle or from alternative vehicles of the same vehicle train