Methods or apparatus for laminating


  • CPC
  • B32B37/00
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Sub Industries

B32B37/0007involving treatment or provisions in order to avoid deformation or air inclusion B32B37/0015to avoid warp or curl B32B37/0023around holes, apertures or channels present in at least one layer B32B37/003to avoid air inclusion B32B37/0038involving application of liquid to the layers prior to lamination B32B37/0046characterised by constructional aspects of the apparatus B32B37/0053Constructional details of laminating machines comprising rollers; Constructional features of the rollers B32B37/0076characterised in that the layers are not bonded on the totality of their surfaces B32B37/0084Point bonding B32B37/02characterised by a sequence of laminating steps B32B37/025Transfer laminating B32B37/04characterised by the partial melting of at least one layer B32B37/06characterised by the heating method B32B37/065resulting in the laminate being partially bonded B32B37/08characterised by the cooling method B32B37/085Quenching B32B37/10characterised by the pressing technique B32B37/1009using vacuum and fluid pressure B32B37/1018using only vacuum B32B37/1027Pressing using at least one press band B32B37/1036Pressing between one press band and a cylinder B32B37/1045Intermittent pressing B32B37/1054Regulating the dimensions of the laminate B32B37/12characterised by using adhesive B32B37/1207Heat-activated adhesive B32B37/1284Application of adhesive B32B37/1292selectively B32B37/14characterised by the properties of the layers B32B37/142Laminating of sheets, panels or inserts B32B37/144using layers with different mechanical or chemical conditions or properties B32B37/146whereby one or more of the layers is a honeycomb structure B32B37/15with at least one layer being manufactured and immediatly laminated before reaching its stable state B32B37/153at least one layer is extruded and immediatly laminated while in semi-molten state B32B37/156at least one layer is calendered and immediately laminated B32B37/16with all layers existing as coherent layers before laminating B32B37/18involving the assembly of discrete sheets or panels only B32B37/182one or more of the layers being plastic B32B37/185Laminating sheets, panels or inserts between two discrete plastic layers B32B37/187the layers being placed in a carrier before going through the lamination process B32B37/20involving the assembly of continuous webs only B32B37/203One or more of the layers being plastic B32B37/206Laminating a continuous layer between two continuous plastic layers B32B37/22involving the assembly of both discrete and continuous layers B32B37/223One or more of the layers being plastic B32B37/226Laminating sheets, panels or inserts between two continuous plastic layers B32B37/24with at least one layer not being coherent before laminating B32B37/26with at least one layer which influences the bonding during the lamination process B32B37/28involving assembly of non-flat intermediate products which are flattened at a later step B32B37/30Partial laminating