Mirrors Picture frames or the like


  • CPC
  • A47G1/00
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Sub Industries

A47G1/02Mirrors used as equipment A47G1/04Multi-part mirrors A47G1/06Picture frames A47G1/0605made from extruded or moulded profiles A47G1/0611the profiles having clamping action; Elongated clips A47G1/0616Ornamental frames A47G1/0622with illumination A47G1/0627with decorative strips or layers on the frame members A47G1/0633made of sheet material A47G1/0638Frameless picture holders A47G1/0644using a tension wire for holding the members or corner pieces together A47G1/065Interconnected frames; Frame assemblies; Frames for two or more pictures A47G1/0655with anti-theft means A47G1/08adjustable A47G1/10Corner clips or corner-connecting appliances for frames A47G1/105Staples or the like for connecting mitred wooden frame members A47G1/12Frames or housings for storing medals, badges, or the like A47G1/14Photograph stands A47G1/141made of sheet material A47G1/142Supporting legs or feet A47G1/143Pivotable legs A47G1/16Devices for hanging or supporting pictures, mirrors, or the like A47G1/1606comprising a wall member cooperating with a corresponding picture member A47G1/1613and being adjustable A47G1/162Picture members for connection to a conventional wall hook or nail A47G1/1626and being adjustable A47G1/1633Wall members for connection to a conventional picture A47G1/164and being adjustable A47G1/1646for decorative plates A47G1/1653for connecting to a surface other than a flat wall A47G1/166for rotatably hanging or supporting A47G1/1666Devices for connecting a suspension wire to a picture A47G1/168Pads or the like preventing displacement of hanging pictures, mirrors, or the like A47G1/1686Picture rails; Accessories therefor A47G1/17using adhesives, suction or magnetism A47G1/175Stretch releasing adhesives A47G1/18Picture loops or the like A47G1/20Picture hooks X-hooks A47G1/202adjustable A47G1/205Devices for positioning picture hooks on a wall A47G1/21with clamping action A47G1/215Mirror clamps A47G1/22Pin plates A47G1/24Appliances for adjusting pictures, mirrors, or the like, into a desired position, especially inclined