Navigation Navigational instruments not provided for in preceding groups


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  • G01C21/00
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Sub Industries

G01C21/005with correlation of navigation data from several sources G01C21/02by astronomical means G01C21/025with the use of startrackers G01C21/04by terrestrial means G01C21/06involving measuring of drift angle involving correction for drift G01C21/08involving use of the magnetic field of the earth G01C21/10by using measurements of speed or acceleration G01C21/12executed aboard the object being navigated Dead reckoning G01C21/14by recording the course traversed by the object G01C21/16by integrating acceleration or speed G01C21/165combined with non-inertial navigation instruments G01C21/18Stabilised platforms G01C21/20Instruments for performing navigational calculations G01C21/203Specially adapted for sailing ships G01C21/206specially adapted for indoor navigation G01C21/22Plotting boards G01C21/24specially adapted for cosmonautical navigation G01C21/26specially adapted for navigation in a road network G01C21/265constructional aspects of navigation devices G01C21/28with correlation of data from several navigational instruments G01C21/30Map- or contour-matching G01C21/32Structuring or formatting of map data G01C21/34Route searching Route guidance G01C21/3407specially adapted for specific applications G01C21/3415Dynamic re-routing G01C21/3423Multimodal routing, i.e. combining two or more modes of transportation, where the modes can be any of G01C21/343Calculating itineraries G01C21/3438Rendez-vous G01C21/3446Details of route searching algorithms G01C21/3453Special cost functions G01C21/3461Preferred or disfavoured areas G01C21/3469Fuel consumption; Energy use; Emission aspects G01C21/3476using point of interest [POI] information G01C21/3484Personalized G01C21/3492employing speed data or traffic data G01C21/36Input/output arrangements of navigation systems G01C21/3602Input other than that of destination using image analysis G01C21/3605Destination input or retrieval G01C21/3608using speech input G01C21/3611using character input or menus G01C21/3614through interaction with a road map G01C21/3617using user history, behaviour, conditions or preferences G01C21/362received from an external device or application G01C21/3623using a camera or code reader G01C21/3626Details of the output of route guidance instructions G01C21/3629Guidance using speech or audio output G01C21/3632Guidance using simplified or iconic instructions G01C21/3635Guidance using 3D or perspective road maps G01C21/3638including 3D objects and buildings G01C21/3641Personalized guidance G01C21/3644Landmark guidance G01C21/3647Guidance involving output of stored or live camera images or video streams G01C21/365Guidance using head up displays or projectors G01C21/3652Guidance using non-audiovisual output G01C21/3655Timing of guidance instructions G01C21/3658Lane guidance G01C21/3661Guidance output on an external device G01C21/3664Details of the user input interface G01C21/3667Display of a road map G01C21/367Details G01C21/3673Labelling using text of road map data items G01C21/3676Overview of the route on the road map G01C21/3679Retrieval, searching and output of POI information G01C21/3682output of POI information on a road map G01C21/3685the POI's being parking facilities G01C21/3688Systems comprising multiple parts or multiple output devices (not client-server) G01C21/3691Retrieval, searching and output of information related to real-time traffic, weather, or environmental conditions G01C21/3694Output thereof on a road map G01C21/3697output of additional, non-guidance related information