Non-fixed roofs Roofs with movable panels


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  • B60J7/00
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Sub Industries

B60J7/0007moveable head-liners, screens, curtains or blinds for ceilings B60J7/0015roller blind B60J7/0023flexible and foldable B60J7/003one or more sliding rigid plate or lammellae B60J7/0038stored in stacked fashion B60J7/0046side blind between roof and panel in vent mode B60J7/0053Collapsible lateral roof side beams B60J7/0061where the beam moves inwardly during folding of roof B60J7/0069where the beam itself is folded and moves inwardly B60J7/0076separately collapsible C-pillars B60J7/0084Water draining for non-fixed roofs or roof panels B60J7/0092by inflating the roof B60J7/02of sliding type B60J7/022Sliding roof trays or assemblies B60J7/024characterised by the height regulating mechanism of the sliding panel B60J7/026with rigid non plate-like elements B60J7/028the sliding movement being combined with a pivoting movement B60J7/04with rigid plate-like element or elements B60J7/041for utility vehicles B60J7/042with a vertical lifting or folding movement B60J7/043Sunroofs B60J7/0435pivoting upwardly to vent mode and moving at the outside of the roof to fully open mode B60J7/047movable to overlapping or nested relationship B60J7/05pivoting upwardly to vent mode and moving downward before sliding to fully open mode B60J7/053sliding with final closing motion having vertical component to attain closed and sealed condition B60J7/057Driving or actuating arrangements B60J7/0573power driven arrangements B60J7/0576fluid B60J7/06with non-rigid element or elements B60J7/061sliding and folding B60J7/062for utility vehicles B60J7/063for public transport B60J7/064using folding arms sliding in longitudinal tracks for supporting the soft roof B60J7/065for utility vehicles B60J7/066for public transport B60J7/067sliding and winding up B60J7/068for utility vehicles B60J7/08of non-sliding type, i.e. movable or removable roofs or panels B60J7/085winding up B60J7/10readily detachable B60J7/102Readily detachable tarpaulins B60J7/104Fastening means for tarpaulins B60J7/106readily detachable hard-tops B60J7/108Foldable rear hoods therefor B60J7/11Removable panels B60J7/12foldable Tensioning mechanisms therefor B60J7/1204Control devices B60J7/1226Soft tops for convertible vehicles B60J7/123characterised by means for fastening the soft top cloth to the arches or vehicle body work B60J7/1234characterised by arches B60J7/1239Front bow B60J7/1243Intermediate bows B60J7/1247Tensioning bow at rear of soft top B60J7/1252characterised by lateral arches B60J7/1256Inflatable soft tops B60J7/126for landaulet-type vehicles B60J7/1265characterised by kinematic movements B60J7/1269with remote power control B60J7/1273using hydraulic means B60J7/1278the complete top rotating around a single main axis on the vehicle body B60J7/1282foldable against a main arch before attaining fully open mode B60J7/1286including folding of the quarter windows B60J7/1291Soft tops for closed vehicle bodies B60J7/1295Temporary soft tops for seats outside passenger compartments B60J7/14with a plurality of rigid plate-like elements or rigid non plate-like elements B60J7/141for covering load areas B60J7/143for covering the passenger compartment B60J7/145at least two elements being folded in clamp-shell fashion B60J7/146all elements being folded in same orientation and stacked fashion B60J7/148at least one element being stored in vertical fashion B60J7/16non-foldable and rigid B60J7/1607for covering load areas B60J7/1614with a vertical lifting movement maintaining the inclination of the roof or panel B60J7/1621hinged on one side B60J7/1628for covering the passenger compartment B60J7/1635of non-convertible vehicles B60J7/1642Roof panels B60J7/165at least a major part of the roof being lifted on all corners B60J7/1657at least a major part of the roof pivoting about a stationary axis B60J7/1664of convertible vehicles B60J7/1671the roof pivoting about a stationary axis B60J7/1678the axis being horizontal B60J7/1685the axis being vertical B60J7/1692the roof being movable by a linkage system B60J7/185Locking arrangements B60J7/1851for locking the foldable soft- or hard-top to the windshield header B60J7/1853locking mechanism arranged in windshield header B60J7/1855for locking or immobilising roof elements when stored B60J7/1856for interlocking the roof linkage system when deployed B60J7/1858for locking soft tops to a surrounding rigid roof structure B60J7/19for rigid panels B60J7/192for locking the sunroof panel to the roof B60J7/194for locking detachable hard-tops or removable roof panels to the vehicle body B60J7/196for locking or interconnecting rigid roof panels to each other B60J7/198for locking tonneau covers such as covers for roof storage compartments or for pick-up truck beds B60J7/20Vehicle storage compartments for roof parts or for collapsible flexible tops B60J7/201being outside of vehicle B60J7/202being characterised by moveable cover parts for closing the gap between boot lid and rearmost seats B60J7/203the cover part comprising cover side flaps B60J7/205where the boot lid opens in rearward direction to receive the roof and in forward direction to receive luggage B60J7/206being arranged at the vehicle front B60J7/207being adjustable in volume B60J7/208with improved trunk access by moving the folded roof package when opening the trunk lid for loading or unloading luggage B60J7/22Wind deflectors for open roofs B60J7/223specially adapted for convertible cars B60J7/226immovably attached to vehicle roof section