Operating tables Auxiliary appliances therefor


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  • A61G13/00
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Sub Industries

A61G13/0009Obstetrical tables or delivery beds A61G13/0018Physician's examining tables A61G13/0027Autopsy, embalming or morgue tables A61G13/0036Orthopaedic operating tables A61G13/009Physiotherapeutic tables, beds or platforms; Chiropractic or osteopathic tables A61G13/02Adjustable operating tables Controls therefor A61G13/04tiltable around transverse or longitudinal axis A61G13/06raising or lowering of the whole table surface A61G13/08the table being divided into different adjustable sections A61G13/10Parts, details or accessories A61G13/101Clamping means for connecting accessories to the operating table A61G13/102Fluid drainage means for collecting bodily fluids from the operating table A61G13/104Adaptations for table mobility A61G13/105Portable, foldable or collapsible tables A61G13/107Supply appliances A61G13/108Means providing sterile air at a surgical operation table or area A61G13/12Rests specially adapted therefor Arrangements of patient-supporting surfaces A61G13/1205for specific parts of the body A61G13/121Head or neck A61G13/1215with patient airway positioning devices A61G13/122Upper body A61G13/1225Back A61G13/123Lower body A61G13/1235Arms A61G13/124Hands or wrists A61G13/1245Knees, upper or lower legs A61G13/125Ankles or feet A61G13/1255Shoulders A61G13/126with specific supporting surface A61G13/1265having inflatable chambers A61G13/127having chambers filled with liquid or gel A61G13/1275having air-evacuated chambers in order to adapt to the form of the patient A61G13/128with mechanical surface adaptations A61G13/1285having modular surface parts A61G13/129having surface parts for adaptation of the size A61G13/1295having alignment devices for the patient's body