Refuse receptacles; Accessories therefor


  • CPC
  • B65F1/00
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Sub Industries

B65F1/0006Flexible refuse receptables B65F1/0013with means for fixing and mounting of the receptacle to walls, doors B65F1/002with means for opening or closing of the receptacle B65F1/0026with odor controlling substances B65F1/0033specially adapted for segregated refuse collecting B65F1/004the receptacles being divided in compartments by partitions B65F1/0046the partitions being movable B65F1/0053Combination of several receptacles B65F1/006Rigid receptacles stored in an enclosure or forming part of it B65F1/0066Rigid receptacles fixed on racks or posts B65F1/0073Flexible receptacles fixed on a frame or in an enclosure B65F1/0093specially adapted for collecting refuse from arrangements in buildings B65F1/02without removable inserts B65F1/04with removable inserts B65F1/06with flexible inserts B65F1/062having means for storing or dispensing spare bags B65F1/065with means aiding the insertion of the flexible insert B65F1/067with a plurality of flexible inserts B65F1/068with means aiding the removal of the flexible insert B65F1/08with rigid inserts B65F1/085with a plurality of rigid inserts B65F1/10with refuse filling means B65F1/105the filling means being pneumatic B65F1/12with devices facilitating emptying B65F1/122Features allowing the receptacle to be lifted and subsequently tipped by associated means on a vehicle B65F1/125Features allowing the receptacle to be lifted and emptied by its bottom B65F1/127by suction B65F1/14Other constructional features; Accessories B65F1/1405Compressing means incorporated in, or specially adapted for, refuse receptacles B65F1/141Supports, racks, stands, posts or the like for holding refuse receptacles B65F1/1415for flexible receptables B65F1/1421having means for operating lids or covers B65F1/1426Housings, cabinets or enclosures for refuse receptacles B65F1/1431having a waste disposal chute integrally connected to a work top or the like, the refuse receptacle remaining static B65F1/1436having a waste receptacle withdrawn upon opening of the enclosure B65F1/1442the receptacle being rotated about a vertical axis B65F1/1447located underground B65F1/1452Lifting, hoisting, elevating mechanisms or the like for refuse receptacles B65F1/1457for refuse receptacles located underground B65F1/1463Receptacles adapted to store one or more piles of used stackable containers B65F1/1468Means for facilitating the transport of the receptacle B65F1/1473Receptacles having wheels B65F1/1478relating to noise reduction in receptacles during collecting of refuse B65F1/1484relating to the adaptation of receptacles to carry identification means B65F1/16Lids or covers B65F1/1607with filling openings B65F1/1615with means for locking, fastening or permanently closing thereof B65F1/1623with means for assisting the opening or closing thereof B65F1/163Pedal-operated lids B65F1/1638Electromechanically operated lids B65F1/1646provided with means for mounting on receptacles