Semiconductor devices with at least one potential-jump barrier or surface barrier specially adapted for light emission Processes or apparatus specially adapted for the manufacture or treatment thereof or of parts thereof Details thereof


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  • H01L33/00
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Sub Industries

H01L33/0004Devices characterised by their operation H01L33/0008having p-n or hi-lo junctions H01L33/0012p-i-n devices H01L33/0016having at least two p-n junctions H01L33/002having heterojunctions or graded gap H01L33/0025comprising only AIIIBV compounds H01L33/0029comprising only AIIBVI compounds H01L33/0033having Schottky barriers H01L33/0037having a MIS barrier layer H01L33/0041characterised by field-effect operation H01L33/0045the devices being superluminescent diodes H01L33/005Processes H01L33/0054for devices with an active region comprising only group IV elements H01L33/0058comprising amorphous semiconductors H01L33/0062for devices with an active region comprising only III-V compounds H01L33/0066with a substrate not being a III-V compound H01L33/007comprising nitride compounds H01L33/0075comprising nitride compounds H01L33/0079wafer bonding or at least partial removal of the growth substrate H01L33/0083for devices with an active region comprising only II-VI compounds H01L33/0087with a substrate not being a II-VI compound H01L33/0091for devices with an active region comprising only IV-VI compounds H01L33/0095Post-treatments of the devices H01L33/02characterised by the semiconductor bodies H01L33/025Physical imperfections H01L33/04with a quantum effect structure or superlattice H01L33/06within the light emitting region H01L33/08with a plurality of light emitting regions H01L33/10with a light reflecting structure H01L33/105with a resonant cavity structure H01L33/12with a stress relaxation structure H01L33/14with a carrier transport control structure H01L33/145with a current-blocking structure H01L33/16with a particular crystal structure or orientation H01L33/18within the light emitting region H01L33/20with a particular shape H01L33/22Roughened surfaces H01L33/24of the light emitting region H01L33/26Materials of the light emitting region H01L33/28containing only elements of group II and group VI of the periodic system H01L33/285characterised by the doping materials H01L33/30containing only elements of group III and group V of the periodic system H01L33/305characterised by the doping materials H01L33/32containing nitrogen H01L33/325characterised by the doping materials H01L33/34containing only elements of group IV of the periodic system H01L33/343characterised by the doping materials H01L33/346containing porous silicon H01L33/36characterised by the electrodes H01L33/38with a particular shape H01L33/382the electrode extending partially in or entirely through the semiconductor body H01L33/385the electrode extending at least partially onto a side surface of the semiconductor body H01L33/387with a plurality of electrode regions in direct contact with the semiconductor body and being electrically interconnected by another electrode layer H01L33/40Materials therefor H01L33/405Reflective materials H01L33/42Transparent materials H01L33/44characterised by the coatings H01L33/46Reflective coating H01L33/465with a resonant cavity structure H01L33/48characterised by the semiconductor body packages H01L33/483Containers H01L33/486adapted for surface mounting H01L33/50Wavelength conversion elements H01L33/501characterised by the materials H01L33/502Wavelength conversion materials H01L33/504Elements with two or more wavelength conversion materials H01L33/505characterised by the shape H01L33/507the elements being in intimate contact with parts other than the semiconductor body or integrated with parts other than the semiconductor body H01L33/508having a non-uniform spatial arrangement or non-uniform concentration H01L33/52Encapsulations H01L33/54having a particular shape H01L33/56Materials H01L33/58Optical field-shaping elements H01L33/60Reflective elements H01L33/62Arrangements for conducting electric current to or from the semiconductor body H01L33/64Heat extraction or cooling elements H01L33/641characterized by the materials H01L33/642characterized by the shape H01L33/644in intimate contact or integrated with parts of the device other than the semiconductor body H01L33/645the elements being electrically controlled H01L33/647the elements conducting electric current to or from the semiconductor body H01L33/648the elements comprising fluids