Separating processes involving the treatment of liquids with solid sorbents Apparatus therefor


  • CPC
  • B01D15/00
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Sub Industries

B01D15/02with moving adsorbents B01D15/08Selective adsorption B01D15/10caracterised by constructional or operational features B01D15/12relating to the preparation of the feed B01D15/125Pre-filtration B01D15/14relating to the introduction of the feed to the apparatus B01D15/16relating to the conditioning of the fluid carrier B01D15/161Temperature conditioning B01D15/163Pressure or speed conditioning B01D15/165Flash chromatography B01D15/166Fluid composition conditioning B01D15/168pH gradient, chromatofocusing B01D15/18relating to flow patterns B01D15/1807using counter-currents B01D15/1814recycling of the fraction to be distributed B01D15/1821Simulated moving beds B01D15/1828characterized by process features B01D15/1835Flushing B01D15/1842characterized by apparatus features B01D15/185characterized by the components to be separated B01D15/1857Reactive simulated moving beds B01D15/1864using two or more columns B01D15/1871placed in series B01D15/1878for multi-dimensional chromatography B01D15/1885placed in parallel B01D15/1892the sorbent material moving as a whole B01D15/20relating to the conditioning of the sorbent material B01D15/203Equilibration or regeneration B01D15/206Packing or coating B01D15/22relating to the construction of the column B01D15/24relating to the treatment of the fractions to be distributed B01D15/242Intermediate storage of effluents B01D15/245Adding materials to the effluents B01D15/247Fraction collectors B01D15/26characterised by the separation mechanism B01D15/265Adsorption chromatography B01D15/30Partition chromatography B01D15/305Hydrophilic interaction chromatography [HILIC] B01D15/32Bonded phase chromatography B01D15/322Normal bonded phase B01D15/325Reversed phase B01D15/327with hydrophobic interaction B01D15/34Size selective separation B01D15/345Perfusive chromatography B01D15/36involving ionic interaction B01D15/361Ion-exchange B01D15/362Cation-exchange B01D15/363Anion-exchange B01D15/364Amphoteric or zwitterionic ion-exchanger B01D15/365Ion-exclusion B01D15/366Ion-pair B01D15/367Ion-suppression B01D15/368Cation- pi interaction B01D15/38involving specific interaction not covered by one or more of groups B01D15/265 - B01D15/36 B01D15/3804Affinity chromatography B01D15/3809of the antigen-antibody type B01D15/3814of the substrate or co-factor - enzyme type B01D15/3819of the nucleic acid-nucleic acid binding protein type B01D15/3823of other types B01D15/3828Ligand exchange chromatography B01D15/3833Chiral chromatography B01D15/3842Micellar chromatography B01D15/3847Multimodal interactions B01D15/3852using imprinted phases or molecular recognition; using imprinted phases B01D15/3857Reaction chromatography B01D15/3861using an external stimulus B01D15/3866using ultra-sound B01D15/3871using light B01D15/3876modifying the temperature B01D15/388modifying the pH B01D15/3885Using electrical or magnetic means B01D15/40using supercritical fluid as mobile phase or eluent B01D15/42characterised by the development mode B01D15/422Displacement mode B01D15/424Elution mode B01D15/426Specific type of solvent B01D15/428Frontal mode