Separation of gases or vapours Recovering vapours of volatile solvents from gases Chemical or biological purification of waste gases


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  • B01D53/00
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Sub Industries

B01D53/002by condensation B01D53/005by heat treatment B01D53/007by irradiation B01D53/02by adsorption B01D53/025with wetted adsorbents; Chromatography B01D53/04with stationary adsorbents B01D53/0407Constructional details of adsorbing systems B01D53/0415Beds in cartridges B01D53/0423Beds in columns B01D53/0431Beds with radial gas flow B01D53/0438Cooling or heating systems B01D53/0446Means for feeding or distributing gases B01D53/0454Controlling adsorption B01D53/0462Temperature swing adsorption B01D53/047Pressure swing adsorption B01D53/0473Rapid pressure swing adsorption B01D53/0476Vacuum pressure swing adsorption B01D53/053with storage or buffer vessel B01D53/06with moving adsorbents B01D53/08according to the "moving bed" method B01D53/10with dispersed adsorbents B01D53/12according to the "fluidised technique" B01D53/14by absorption B01D53/1406Multiple stage absorption B01D53/1412Controlling the absorption process B01D53/1418Recovery of products B01D53/1425Regeneration of liquid absorbents B01D53/1431Pretreatment by other processes B01D53/1437Pretreatment by adsorption B01D53/1443Pretreatment by diffusion B01D53/145Pretreatment by separation of solid or liquid material B01D53/1456Removing acid components B01D53/1462Removing mixtures of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide B01D53/1468Removing hydrogen sulfide B01D53/1475Removing carbon dioxide B01D53/1481Removing sulfur dioxide or sulfur trioxide B01D53/1487Removing organic compounds B01D53/1493Selection of liquid materials for use as absorbents B01D53/18Absorbing units Liquid distributors therefor B01D53/185Liquid distributors B01D53/22by diffusion B01D53/225Multiple stage diffusion B01D53/226in serial connexion B01D53/227in parallel connexion B01D53/228characterised by specific membranes B01D53/229Integrated processes (Diffusion and at least one other process B01D53/24by centrifugal force B01D53/26Drying gases or vapours B01D53/261by adsorption B01D53/263by absorption B01D53/265by refrigeration (condensation) B01D53/266by filtration B01D53/268by diffusion B01D53/28Selection of materials for use as drying agents B01D53/30Controlling by gas-analysis apparatus B01D53/32by electrical effects other than those provided for in group B01D61/00 B01D53/323by electrostatic effects or by high-voltage electric fields B01D53/326in electrochemical cells B01D53/34Chemical or biological purification of waste gases B01D53/343Heat recovery B01D53/346Controlling the process B01D53/38Removing components of undefined structure B01D53/40Acidic components B01D53/42Basic components B01D53/44Organic components B01D53/46Removing components of defined structure B01D53/48Sulfur compounds B01D53/485containing only one sulfur compound other than sulfur oxides or hydrogen sulfide B01D53/50Sulfur oxides B01D53/501by treating the gases with a solution or a suspension of an alkali or earth-alkali or ammonium compound B01D53/502characterised by a specific solution or suspension B01D53/504characterised by a specific device B01D53/505in a spray drying process B01D53/507by treating the gases with other liquids B01D53/508by treating the gases with solids B01D53/52Hydrogen sulfide B01D53/523Mixtures of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur oxides B01D53/526Mixtures of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide B01D53/54Nitrogen compounds B01D53/56Nitrogen oxides B01D53/565by treating the gases with solids B01D53/58Ammonia B01D53/60Simultaneously removing sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides B01D53/62Carbon oxides B01D53/64Heavy metals or compounds thereof B01D53/66Ozone B01D53/68Halogens or halogen compounds B01D53/685by treating the gases with solids B01D53/70Organic halogen compounds B01D53/72Organic compounds not provided for in groups B01D53/48 - B01D53/70 B01D53/73After-treatment of removed components B01D53/74General processes for purification of waste gases Apparatus or devices specially adapted therefor B01D53/75Multi-step processes B01D53/76Gas phase processes B01D53/77Liquid phase processes B01D53/78with gas-liquid contact B01D53/79Injecting reactants B01D53/80Semi-solid phase processes B01D53/81Solid phase processes B01D53/82with stationary reactants B01D53/83with moving reactants B01D53/84Biological processes B01D53/85with gas-solid contact B01D53/86Catalytic processes B01D53/8603Removing sulfur compounds B01D53/8606only one sulfur compound other than sulfur oxides or hydrogen sulfide B01D53/8609Sulfur oxides B01D53/8612Hydrogen sulfide B01D53/8615Mixtures of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur oxides B01D53/8618Mixtures of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxides B01D53/8621Removing nitrogen compounds B01D53/8625Nitrogen oxides B01D53/8628Processes characterised by a specific catalyst B01D53/8631Processes characterised by a specific device B01D53/8634Ammonia B01D53/8637Simultaneously removing sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides B01D53/864Removing carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons B01D53/8643Removing mixtures of carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides B01D53/8646Simultaneous elimination of the components B01D53/865characterised by a specific catalyst B01D53/8653characterised by a specific device B01D53/8656Successive elimination of the components B01D53/8659Removing halogens or halogen compounds B01D53/8662Organic halogen compounds B01D53/8665Removing heavy metals or compounds thereof B01D53/8668Removing organic compounds not provided for in B01D53/8603 - B01D53/8665 B01D53/8671Removing components of defined structure not provided for in B01D53/8603 - B01D53/8668 B01D53/8675Ozone B01D53/8678Removing components of undefined structure B01D53/8681Acidic components B01D53/8684Basic components B01D53/8687Organic components B01D53/869Multiple step processes B01D53/8693After-treatment of removed components B01D53/8696Controlling the catalytic process B01D53/88Handling or mounting catalysts B01D53/885Devices in general for catalytic purification of waste gases B01D53/90Injecting reactants B01D53/92of engine exhaust gases B01D53/922Mixtures of carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides B01D53/925Simultaneous elimination of carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides B01D53/927Successive elimination of carbon monoxide or hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides B01D53/94by catalytic processes B01D53/9404Removing only nitrogen compounds B01D53/9409Nitrogen oxides B01D53/9413Processes characterised by a specific catalyst B01D53/9418for removing nitrogen oxides by selective catalytic reduction [SCR] using a reducing agent in a lean exhaust gas B01D53/9422for removing nitrogen oxides by NOx storage or reduction by cyclic switching between lean and rich exhaust gases (LNT, NSC, NSR) B01D53/9427for removing nitrous oxide B01D53/9431Processes characterised by a specific device B01D53/9436Ammonia B01D53/944Simultaneously removing carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons or carbon making use of oxidation catalysts B01D53/9445Simultaneously removing carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons or nitrogen oxides making use of three-way catalysts [TWC] or four-way-catalysts [FWC] B01D53/945characterised by a specific catalyst B01D53/9454characterised by a specific device B01D53/9459Removing one or more of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, or hydrocarbons by multiple successive catalytic functions; systems with more than one different function B01D53/9463with catalysts positioned on one brick B01D53/9468in different layers B01D53/9472in different zones B01D53/9477with catalysts positioned on separate bricks B01D53/9481Catalyst preceded by an adsorption device without catalytic function for temporary storage of contaminants B01D53/9486for storing hydrocarbons B01D53/949for storing sulfur oxides B01D53/9495Controlling the catalytic process B01D53/96Regeneration, reactivation or recycling of reactants B01D53/965including an electrochemical process step