Separation of suspended solid particles from liquids by sedimentation


  • CPC
  • B01D21/00
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Sub Industries

B01D21/0003Making of sedimentation devices, structural details thereof B01D21/0006Settling tanks provided with means for cleaning and maintenance B01D21/0009Settling tanks making use of electricity or magnetism B01D21/0012Settling tanks making use of filters B01D21/0015Controlling the inclination of settling devices B01D21/0018provided with a pump mounted in or on a settling tank B01D21/0021provided with a jet pump B01D21/0024Inlets or outlets provided with regulating devices B01D21/0027Floating sedimentation devices B01D21/003Sedimentation tanks provided with a plurality of compartments separated by a partition wall B01D21/0033Vertical, perforated partition walls B01D21/0036Horizontal partition walls B01D21/0039Settling tanks provided with contact surfaces B01D21/0042Baffles or guide plates B01D21/0045Plurality of essentially parallel plates B01D21/0048Plurality of plates inclined in alternating directions B01D21/0051Plurality of tube like channels B01D21/0054Plates in form of a coil B01D21/0057with counter-current flow direction of liquid and solid particles B01D21/006with co-current flow direction of liquid and solid particles B01D21/0063with cross-flow flow direction of liquid and solid particles B01D21/0066with a meandering flow pattern of liquid or solid particles B01D21/0069Making of contact surfaces, structural details, materials therefor B01D21/0072Means for adjusting, moving or controlling the position or inclination of the contact surfaces B01D21/0075Contact surfaces having surface features B01D21/0084Enhancing liquid-particle separation using the flotation principle B01D21/0087Settling tanks provided with means for ensuring a special flow pattern B01D21/009Heating or cooling mechanisms specially adapted for settling tanks B01D21/0093Mechanisms for taking out of action one or more units of a multi-unit settling mechanism B01D21/0096Safety mechanisms specially adapted for settling tanks B01D21/01using flocculating agents B01D21/02Settling tanks with single outlets for the separated liquid B01D21/04with moving scrapers B01D21/06with rotating scrapers B01D21/08provided with flocculating compartments B01D21/10Settling tanks with multiple outlets for the separated liquids B01D21/12with moving scrapers B01D21/14with rotating scrapers B01D21/16provided with flocculating compartments B01D21/18Construction of the scrapers or the driving mechanisms for settling tanks B01D21/183with multiple scraping mechanisms B01D21/186with two or more scrapers fixed at different heights on a central rotating shaft B01D21/20Driving mechanisms B01D21/22Safety mechanisms B01D21/24Feed or discharge mechanisms for settling tanks B01D21/2405Feed mechanisms for settling tanks B01D21/2411having a tangential inlet B01D21/2416Liquid distributors with a plurality of feed points B01D21/2422Vertically arranged feed points B01D21/2427The feed or discharge opening located at a distant position from the side walls B01D21/2433Discharge mechanisms for floating particles B01D21/2438provided with scrapers on the liquid surface for removing floating particles B01D21/2444Discharge mechanisms for the classified liquid B01D21/245Discharge mechanisms for the sediments B01D21/2455Conveyor belts B01D21/2461Positive-displacement pumps; Screw feeders; Trough conveyors B01D21/2466Mammoth pumps B01D21/2472Means for fluidising the sediments B01D21/2477Centrifugal pumps B01D21/2483Means or provisions for manually removing the sediments B01D21/2488bringing about a partial recirculation of the liquid B01D21/2494provided with means for the removal of gas B01D21/26Separation of sediment aided by centrifugal force or centripetal force B01D21/262by using a centrifuge B01D21/265by using a vortex inducer or vortex guide B01D21/267by using a cyclone B01D21/28Mechanical auxiliary equipment for acceleration of sedimentation B01D21/283Settling tanks provided with vibrators B01D21/286Means for gentle agitation for enhancing flocculation B01D21/30Control equipment B01D21/302Active control mechanisms with external energy B01D21/305Control of chemical properties of a component B01D21/307Passive control mechanisms without external energy B01D21/32Density control of clear liquid or sediment B01D21/34Regulation of feed distribution Regulation of liquid level; Control of process parameters