Windows Windscreens Accessories therefor


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  • B60J1/00
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Sub Industries

B60J1/001Double glazing for vehicles B60J1/002with means for clear vision B60J1/003Rear seat windscreens B60J1/004Mounting of windows B60J1/005using positioning means during mounting B60J1/006characterised by fixation means such as clips, adhesive, etc. B60J1/007received in frames to be attached to vehicle B60J1/008of special shape B60J1/02arranged at the vehicle front B60J1/025Temporary windscreens B60J1/04adjustable B60J1/06comprising more than one pane B60J1/08arranged at vehicle sides B60J1/085removably mounted B60J1/10fixedly mounted B60J1/12adjustable B60J1/14with pivotal or rotary movement B60J1/16slidable B60J1/17vertically B60J1/18arranged at the vehicle rear B60J1/1807movable for vehicles with convertible top B60J1/1815non-adjustably mounted in and moving with the soft-top cover B60J1/1823adjustable relative to hard- or soft-top B60J1/183slidable B60J1/1838movable for non-convertible vehicles, including vehicles with versatile load area B60J1/1846where the window can slide B60J1/1853horizontally in direction transverse to vehicle longitudinal axis B60J1/1861vertically B60J1/1869to an end position parallel to roof B60J1/1876where the window is pivotable relative to a stationary axis B60J1/1884about a horizontal axis B60J1/1892where the window is translated by a linkage system B60J1/20Accessories B60J1/2002Wind deflectors specially adapted for preventing soiling B60J1/2005for windscreens B60J1/2008for rear windows B60J1/2011Blinds; curtains or screens reducing heat or light intensity B60J1/2013Roller blinds B60J1/2016Control means for actuating the roller blind B60J1/2019powered B60J1/2022with screw rods or extensible rods acting on the draw bar for pushing or push-pulling B60J1/2025with flexible actuating elements connected to the draw bar for pulling only B60J1/2027with a buckle-proof guided flexible actuating element acting on the draw bar for pushing or push-pulling B60J1/203Mechanism for actuation by hand B60J1/2033characterised by the spring motor B60J1/2036characterised by structural elements B60J1/2038Storage boxes B60J1/2041Blind sheets B60J1/2044Draw bars, including elements attached to it B60J1/2047End position holding means B60J1/205Winding tubes B60J1/2052Guides B60J1/2055Pivoting arms B60J1/2058Springs for compensating the number of windings of the blind on the tube in case winding tube and draw bar are driven together B60J1/2061Tensioning systems for keeping the blind taut when in use, other than spring motors B60J1/2063Mounting arrangements for roller blind or its storage box B60J1/2066Arrangement of blinds in vehicles B60J1/2069of multiple blinds B60J1/2072Blinds with inclined or vertical orientation of the winding axis B60J1/2075specially adapted for fixed windows B60J1/2077for windshields B60J1/208for rear windows B60J1/2083for side windows B60J1/2086specially adapted for openable windows B60J1/2088Lamellar or like blinds B60J1/2091Foldable sunscreens B60J1/2094Protective means for window B60J1/2097means to prevent rattling of vehicle windows