After-treatment of mortars, concrete, artificial stone or ceramics Treatment of natural stone


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  • C04B41/00
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Sub Industries

C04B41/0009Demolition agents based on cementitous or like materials C04B41/0018Coating or impregnating "in situ" C04B41/0027Ion-implantation, ion-irradiation or ion-injection C04B41/0036Laser treatment C04B41/0045Irradiation; Radiation C04B41/0054Plasma-treatment C04B41/0063Cooling C04B41/0072Heat treatment C04B41/0081characterised by the subsequent cooling step C04B41/009characterised by the material treated C04B41/45Coating or impregnating C04B41/4501with preformed sheet-like elements C04B41/4503having an adhesive layer C04B41/4505characterised by the method of application C04B41/4507using keying elements C04B41/4509The keying element being generated from identations made in the substrate C04B41/4511using temporarily supports C04B41/4513the temporary support- and coating material being mixed together C04B41/4515application under vacuum or reduced pressure C04B41/4517application under inert C04B41/4519application under an other specific atmosphere C04B41/4521application under increased pressure C04B41/4523applied from the molten state ; Thermal spraying C04B41/4525using a molten bath as vehicle C04B41/4527Plasma spraying C04B41/4529applied from the gas phase C04B41/4531by C.V.D. C04B41/4533plasma assisted C04B41/4535applied as a solution, emulsion, dispersion or suspension C04B41/4537by the sol-gel process C04B41/4539as a emulsion, dispersion or suspension C04B41/4541Electroless plating C04B41/4543by spraying C04B41/4545applied as a powdery material C04B41/4547characterised by the grain distribution C04B41/4549Nanometer-sized particles C04B41/455the coating or impregnating process including a chemical conversion or reaction C04B41/4552the end product being obtained by a multistep reaction or conversion C04B41/4554the coating or impregnating material being an organic or organo-metallic precursor of an inorganic material C04B41/4556coating or impregnating with a product reacting with the substrate C04B41/4558Coating or impregnating involving the chemical conversion of an already applied layer C04B41/456the conversion only taking place under certain conditions C04B41/4562Photographic methods C04B41/4564Electrolytic or electrophoretic processes C04B41/4566Electrochemical re-alcalisation C04B41/4568Electrostatic processes C04B41/457Non-superficial impregnation or infiltration of the substrate C04B41/4572Partial coating or impregnation of the surface of the substrate C04B41/4574Coating different parts of the substrate with different materials C04B41/4576Inlaid coatings C04B41/4578Coating or impregnating of green ceramics or unset concrete C04B41/458involving a mixing step with the top layer of the substrate C04B41/4582Porous coatings C04B41/4584Coating or impregnating of particulate or fibrous ceramic material C04B41/4586Non-chemical aspects relating to the substrate being coated or impregnated C04B41/4588Superficial melting of the substrate before or during the coating or impregnating step C04B41/459Temporary coatings or impregnations C04B41/4592for masking purposes C04B41/4594in metallisation processes C04B41/4596with fibrous materials or whiskers C04B41/4598with waste materials C04B41/46with organic materials C04B41/463Organic solvents C04B41/466Halogenated compounds C04B41/47Oils, fats or waxes natural resins C04B41/472Oils C04B41/474Natural resins C04B41/476Cellulosic waste liquor C04B41/478Bitumen, asphalt C04B41/48Macromolecular compounds C04B41/4803Polysaccharides C04B41/4807Proteins or derivatives thereof C04B41/4811Condensation polymers of aldehydes or ketones C04B41/4815Melamine-formaldehyde condensation products C04B41/4819Urea-formaldehyde condensation products C04B41/4823Phenol-formaldehyde condensation products C04B41/4826Polyesters C04B41/483Polyacrylates C04B41/4834Polyacrylamides C04B41/4838Halogenated polymers C04B41/4842Fluorine-containing polymers C04B41/4846Perfluoro-compounds C04B41/4849Sulfur-containing polymers C04B41/4853Epoxides C04B41/4857Other macromolecular compounds obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds C04B41/4861Polyalkenes C04B41/4865Coumarone polymers C04B41/4869Polyvinylalcohols, polyvinylacetates C04B41/4873Polyvinylacetals C04B41/4876Polystyrene C04B41/488Other macromolecular compounds obtained otherwise than by reactions only involving unsaturated carbon-to-carbon bonds C04B41/4884Polyurethanes; Polyisocyanates C04B41/4888Polycarbonates C04B41/4892Polyamides C04B41/4896Polyethers C04B41/49Compounds having one or more carbon-to-metal or carbon-to-silicon linkages Organo-clay compounds; Organo-silicates C04B41/4905containing silicon C04B41/4911Organo-clay compounds C04B41/4916applied to the substrate as a solventless liquid C04B41/4922applied to the substrate as monomers, i.e. as organosilanes RnSiX4-n C04B41/4927Alkali metal or ammonium salts C04B41/4933containing halogens C04B41/4938containing silicon bound to hydroxy groups C04B41/4944containing atoms other than carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, silicon, alkali metals or halogens C04B41/495applied to the substrate as oligomers or polymers C04B41/4955Polyorganosilanes C04B41/4961Polyorganosiloxanes C04B41/4966containing silicon bound to hydroxy groups C04B41/4972Alkali metal or ammonium salts C04B41/4977characterised by the number of silicon atoms C04B41/4983Polycarbosilanes C04B41/4988Organosilicium-organic copolymers C04B41/4994Organo-phosphorus compounds C04B41/50with inorganic materials C04B41/5001with carbon or carbonisable materials C04B41/5002Diamond C04B41/5003Fullerenes or derivatives thereof C04B41/5005Carbon fluorides; Halogen containing carbon or graphite intercallation products C04B41/5006Boron compounds C04B41/5007with salts or salty compositions C04B41/5009containing nitrogen in the anion C04B41/501containing carbon in the anion C04B41/5011containing halogen in the anion C04B41/5012chlorides C04B41/5014containing sulfur in the anion C04B41/5015containing phosphorus in the anion C04B41/5016Acids C04B41/5018with fluorine compounds C04B41/5019applied from the gas phase C04B41/502Water C04B41/5022with vitreous materials C04B41/5023Glass-ceramics C04B41/5024Silicates C04B41/5025with ceramic materials C04B41/5027Oxide ceramics in general; Specific oxide ceramics not covered by C04B41/5029 - C04B41/5051 C04B41/5028Manganates C04B41/5029Magnesia C04B41/5031Alumina C04B41/5032Aluminates C04B41/5033Chromium oxide C04B41/5035Silica C04B41/5036Ferrites C04B41/5037Clay, Kaolin C04B41/5038Porcelain C04B41/504Engobes C04B41/5041Titanium oxide or titanates C04B41/5042Zirconium oxides or zirconates; Hafnium oxides or hafnates C04B41/5044Hafnates C04B41/5045Rare-earth oxides C04B41/5046Spinels C04B41/5048Phosphates C04B41/5049Zinc or bismuth oxides C04B41/505Tin oxide C04B41/5051Niobium oxides or niobates C04B41/5053non-oxide ceramics C04B41/5054Sulfides or selenides C04B41/5055Fluorides C04B41/5057Carbides C04B41/5058Boron carbide C04B41/5059Silicon carbide C04B41/5061Titanium carbide C04B41/5062Borides, Nitrides or Silicides C04B41/5063Aluminium nitride C04B41/5064Boron nitride C04B41/5066Silicon nitride C04B41/5067Silicon oxynitrides C04B41/5068Titanium nitride C04B41/507Borides C04B41/5071Silicides C04B41/5072with oxides or hydroxides not covered by C04B41/5025 C04B41/5074Copper oxide or solid solutions thereof C04B41/5075Copper oxide C04B41/5076with masses bonded by inorganic cements C04B41/5077Geopolymer cements C04B41/5079Portland cements C04B41/508Aluminous cements C04B41/5081Calcium alumino sulfate cements C04B41/5083Slag cements C04B41/5084Lime, hydraulic lime or magnesium oxide cements C04B41/5085Calcium sulfate cements C04B41/5087Anhydrite C04B41/5088Cementitious compositions of the silica-lime type C04B41/5089Silica sols, alkyl, ammonium or alkali metal silicate cements C04B41/509Magnesium cements C04B41/5092Phosphate cements C04B41/5093with elements other than metals or carbon C04B41/5094Boron C04B41/5096Silicon C04B41/5097Sulfur C04B41/5098Cermets C04B41/51Metallising C04B41/5105with a composition mainly composed of one or more of the noble metals or copper C04B41/5111Ag, Au, Pd, Pt or Cu C04B41/5116Ag or Au C04B41/5122Pd or Pt C04B41/5127Cu C04B41/5133with a composition mainly composed of one or more of the refractory metals C04B41/5138with a composition mainly composed of Mn and Mo C04B41/5144with a composition mainly composed of one or more of the metals of the iron group C04B41/515Other specific metals C04B41/5155Aluminium C04B41/5161Tin C04B41/5166Lead C04B41/5172Cadmium C04B41/5177characterised by the non-metallic part of the metallising composition C04B41/5183inorganic C04B41/5188organic C04B41/5194Metallisation of multilayered ceramics C04B41/52Multiple coating or impregnating multiple coating or impregnating with the same composition or with compositions only differing in the concentration of the constituents, is classified as single coating or impregnation C04B41/522Multiple coatings, for one of the coatings of which at least one alternative is described C04B41/524Multiple coatings, comprising a coating layer of the same material as a previous coating layer C04B41/526Multiple coating or impregnation with materials having the same composition but different characteristics C04B41/528Applying layers containing opposite charged particles or materials in the successive layers C04B41/53involving the removal of at least part of the materials of the treated article C04B41/5307Removal of physically bonded water C04B41/5315Cleaning compositions C04B41/5323to make grain visible C04B41/533Seeding methods C04B41/5338Etching C04B41/5346Dry etching C04B41/5353Wet etching C04B41/5361Etching with molten material C04B41/5369Desalination C04B41/5376Electrochemical desalination C04B41/5384by electrochemical methods C04B41/5392by burning C04B41/60of only artificial stone C04B41/61Coating or impregnation C04B41/62with organic materials C04B41/63Macromolecular compounds C04B41/64Compounds having one or more carbon-to-metal of carbon-to-silicon linkages C04B41/65with inorganic materials C04B41/66Fluorides C04B41/67Phosphates C04B41/68Silicic acid Silicates C04B41/69Metals C04B41/70for obtaining at least two superposed coatings having diffferent compositions C04B41/71at least one coating being an organic material C04B41/72involving the removal of part of the materials of the treated articles C04B41/80of only ceramics C04B41/81Coating or impregnation C04B41/82with organic materials C04B41/83Macromolecular compounds C04B41/84Compounds having one or more carbon-to-metal of carbon-to-silicon linkages C04B41/85with inorganic materials C04B41/86Glazes Cold glazes C04B41/87Ceramics C04B41/88Metals C04B41/89for obtaining at least two superposed coatings having diffferent compositions C04B41/90at least one coating being a metal C04B41/91involving the removal of part of the materials of the treated articles